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Nova Scotia Power Outage After winter Storm Has Thousands Of Resident Left In The Dark

Getting caught in a winter storm is not fun. The one thing that can make it worse is being stuck without any electricity. That's the unfortunate case for thousands of people who are dealing with a Nova Scotia power outage.

As of writing, Nova Scotia Power is reporting 247 outages across the province, affecting 7784 customers. Crews are working to bring electricity back to everyone.

"We're working across the province to safely restore outages caused by today's ice storm. Our crews are seeing damage to equipment caused by high winds and ice-covered trees," read a February 27 tweet from the provincial power company.

The blackouts across the province were also affecting commute times, as traffic lights lost power too. 

Currently, the highest concentration of customers without any power is in the Halifax-Dartmouth area.

On top of everything else, there are also a number of school closures and delayed openings today due to the inclement weather.

Outside of the province, customers in New Brunswick are also still experiencing power problems, though not to the same degree.

According to New Brunswick Power's website, there are 35 unplanned outages affecting 677 customers as of 10:30 Eastern on February 28. This has also affected school closures in the province.

Canada's eastern provinces were most recently hit with a large winter storm that moved from southern Ontario all the way out to the Maritimes. It brought snow, freezing rain, ice pellets, and strong winds.

This has been a tough winter for Canada's Atlantic provinces. Nova Scotia has had to deal with heavy snow and gusts, and last month St. John's was entirely shut down due to a massive dump of the white stuff.

Even though Environment Canada had previously predicted a milder, 100-day winter, it seems like the season wants to get a few parting shots in before leaving.

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