Canada's east coast is known for really taking a beating during winter. So far, this season has been no exception. Nova Scotia's next snowstorm is due to hit On Wednesday, January 8, and Environment Canada is expecting a big one, with some of that snowy weather also spilling over into Newfoundland.

Environment Canada has issued snowfall warnings for a number of regions in Nova Scotia, including Halifax. The warnings are calling for 15 to 25 centimetres of snowfall, accompanied by wind gusts that could reach 50 to 70 kilometres an hour.

The snow is expected to start falling on Wednesday morning and could continue into Wednesday evening. This amount of snowfall throughout the day will likely make for some rough commutes to and from work.

Along with the snow and wind, Environment Canda is also issuing a warning about higher than normal water levels along the Cape Breton coastline and near the southern area of the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Western regions of Nova Scotia have also been issued special weather statements for snowfall that could reach 10 centimetres. However, Environment Canada has warned that these statements could be upgraded to snowfall warnings as the storm continues on Wednesday.

Newfoundland has also been issued special weather statements regarding snowfall. Accumulation is predicted to reach between 10 and 20 centimetres, with half falling on Wednesday night and more coming on Thursday.

The snow is expected to transition to rain overnight on Wednesday and back into snow by Thursday morning, making for some very wet weather overnight.

The province will also experience heavier wind gusts than Nova Scotia. Easterly winds could reach 60 to 80 kilometres an hour, while southwesterly and northwesterly winds could go as high as 120 kilometres an hour.

Prince Edward Island is also expected to see some snowfall on Wednesday, with only New Brunswick escaping without any major weather warnings.

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