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A Destructive Storm Wreaked Havoc On Nova Scotia This Weekend & The Footage Is Intense

But that didn't stop one person from barbequing during the storm.
A Destructive Storm Wreaked Havoc On Nova Scotia This Weekend & The Footage Is Intense

It was like something out of a Hollywood disaster movie yesterday for Nova Scotians. The evening of Sunday, July 21, a massive storm struck the province and caused power outages for thousands of residents. Warnings were issued throughout the day and when the Nova Scotia storm finally came and went, it left a bit of a mess. Nova Scotia Power reported that there were up to 44,256 customers without electricity at one point.

The storm was a short one, but packed a powerful punch. In Halifax, a lightning strike at Nova Scotia Power's Lakeside substation caused total outages in Clayton Park West and Kearney Lake. The fire from the lighting strike had to be put out before crews could safely work on repairs.

Nova Scotia Power also had to bring in more workers from the whole province to get the electricity up and running again for the thousands of affected people in Halifax.

The effects of the storm were not pretty. On top of the damages from lightning, power lines in Halifax were damaged from the many trees that were knocked down during the short and intense storm.

Brett Sanford, who lives on Adelaide Avenue in Halifax, told CBC, "It felt as if a hurricane suddenly dropped in and said hello for five or 10 minutes. It basically looked like something from Florida."

Residents took to Twitter, posting pictures and videos of the storm and its reckoning.

Others posted about the very real consequences of going without power. Are we ready to store food properly in the event of an actual and prolonged disaster? Have we surrounded ourselves with the right people who will ensure our survival? And guys, what will we do to entertain ourselves during the apocalypse?

There was also someone barbequing during the storm, because why not? It's still summer.

Things are mostly back to normal for Halifax and the rest of the province. Electricity was restored to most places by 11:30 p.m. on Sunday, July 21 after the storm.

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