Given Dave Culligan discovered filmmaking in such a genuine way, it’s no surprise that his cinematic style is so relatable to thousands of Nova Scotians every day.

After graduating from the rigorous commerce program at Saint Mary’s University, where Culligan also played on the varsity football team, what had formerly been a busy student routine quickly turned into a void.

“I used to lead the charge on the complain train,” Culligan claims.  "There's nothing going on in Halifax, no one is doing this or that".

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Determined to prove this common East Coast sentiment wrong, Culligan began to work in digital media, building a blog and becoming part of the influencer scene.  Through his research he came across Casey Neistat, a creator from New York City whose style struck a chord.

Inspired by Neistat’s portrayal of the community around him, Culligan began to play with creating hyper localized video content.  Now his mission is to release one piece of original video footage every single day for an entire year, in an effort to portray the positive energy he sees running through Nova Scotia.

“I've realized that your attitude is absolutely everything. You have to go find something to do, you have to kick down doors and create opportunities, and you can't always look elsewhere for leadership, sometimes you just have to become it.”

Over 100 days into his project, Culligan is hooked.  In addition to working full time, every day without fail high-quality, localized content gets released on his Instagram and Facebook page, all of which succeeds in making Nova Scotia look like the place to be.  You can check out some of his most remarkable footage below!

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This was the first video Culligan shot, which in turn inspired him to begin the series he's working on now.  With 108 videos on his account, Culligan plans to keep shooting until he's at 365 - one video per day for a whole year!

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After shooting for over 100 days, Culligan's technique has gotten pretty advanced.  Through use of drone footage his videos have begun to blow up, capturing all the amazing natural beauty to be found throughout the province.

via @dave.culligan

Once this project is complete, Culligan told me that he sees himself travelling across Canada, then the world, filming communities wherever he goes.  If his footage is anything like the work he's produced here, I'm sure it'll be incredible.  Keep an eye out for this creative Nova Scotian!

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