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Nova Scotia's Huge Snowstorm Is Perfect Playground For Canada's Puppers (PHOTOS)

It’s been a white and windy start to the new year for Canadians in the Maritime provinces as huge snowstorms, heavy rains and strong winds have all recently slammed the east coast. While the humans have been hiding inside and cursing Nova Scotia’s huge January snowstorm, these tweets prove that the region’s dogs are loving the seasonal snow, and the photos are perfect!

It was a very wintry Wednesday in Atlantic Canada this week, as high winds and heavy snow shut down schools, public transport and even airports in the region.

According to reports from Environment Canada, it was Nova Scotia that was hit the hardest by the wild winter storm, as mainland areas of the province experienced up to 35 centimetres of snow in just 24 hours.

The government agency posted weather alerts for several areas of Nova Scotia on Wednesday, predicting extremely heavy snow accompanied by wind gusts of up to 80 kilometres an hour.

While the huge storm heavily impacted local travel, public transit, and even the postal service, it seems Nova Scotia’s puppers were completely unfazed by the chaos.

In fact, these adorable photos posted on Twitter prove just how much the region's dogs loved playing in the crazy winter conditions.

One Nova Scotia local shared a picture of their snow-covered pup, explaining, “It’s been snowing here since 7am. Let my dog out [and she] came in like this. Now she wants to go back out! Loves the snow lol!”

Another shared a similar image of their dog enjoying the winter weather, writing, "Endless hours of #NSStorm watching from this dude!"

Some Nova Scotia dog owners even shared videos of their doggos tackling the super-deep snow, and the clips are hilarious.

One Twitter user wrote, "The snow is at least twice as high now compared to what it was here, but Josie isn’t complaining :’) ..."

While another joked, "Just check Flynn out, so determined & extremely cute!! I am dying....!"

Unfortunately for Nova Scotia’s snow-loving doggos, the strong winds and heavy snow are expected to leave the region on Thursday morning.

That said, it may not be too long before they can come out to play once again, as three weather systems are set to track across the area this weekend, potentially bringing even more snow, ice and rain.

Until then — enjoy that snow, puppers — you're snow-tally adorable!

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