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Nova Scotia Has A White Rabbit Cafe That It's Been Hiding From Canada & It Looks Adorable

You won't believe how cute their cakes are! 🐇

The next time you're in Nova Scotia, you need to check out this super cute bunny-themed cafe in Halifax. Rabbit Hole Cafe is a charming new establishment that opened in 2018 and offers delicious desserts, pastries, teas, and coffees.

What makes Rabbit Hole so unique is its cute rabbit cakes. At this hidden gem in Halifax, you can purchase mousse cakes that look like real bunnies!

This delicious rabbit cake is one you can't help but photograph to post on Instagram before you enjoy a bite. And the cafe itself is so charming, that it makes for an extra special spot to go with your friends for some cake and coffee. Inside the rabbit cake, you'll find delightful fresh fruit mousse. The cakes are individually sized and cost $8.

In addition to the rabbit cakes, which are a must-try, Rabbit Hole also sells a variety of other desserts and pastries. For example, you can find rainbow-coloured crepe cakes, macarons, or slices of tiramisu. If you're celebrating a birthday, it's possible to order one of their stunning birthday cakes, too!

At Rabbit Hole Cafe, the focus is on healthier desserts that have less sugar and butter. Rabbit Hole explained to Narcity that their bakers aim to "bring the taste of Asia."

Their desserts aren't the only thing you'll want to shout about on social media. The cafe's decor has been carefully planned with everything in its own place. Rabbit Hole Cafe is a beautiful modern space with whimsical accents.

The cafe is splashed mainly in black and white, and the walls are adorned with hand-drawn illustrations. Looking around, you'll find everything from drawings of doors and windows, to pictures of cats and dinosaurs. When you enter Rabbit Hole Cafe, you can't help but smile in the fun space, and their cute desserts will have you coming back over and over again.

Rabbit Hole Cafe

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Cafe

Address: 1452 Dresden Row, Halifax

Why You Need To Go: To try the affordable and adorable white rabbit cakes!

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