This summer Kayak Halifax in partnership with Tourism Nova Scotia is offering an exclusive glamping adventure package that will take a party of eighteen guests over to Georges Island for an evening of exploration and fine dining.  The journey begins at the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic with a delicious breakfast, before guests embark on a gorgeous guided boat tour of the Halifax Harbour, which will conclude on the shore of McNabs Island.

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Guests will have the chance to explore the ruins, forests and beaches of McNabs, and should also keep an eye out for deer and rare birds that live in the region.  Lunch will be served after a guided hike through historic forts that cover the island before guests jump on another boat and head over to Georges Island National Historic Site.

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Located right in the middle of the Halifax harbour, by participating in this glamping adventure guests will have the rare chance not only to spend a day on Georges Island but will also be shown around with a private tour of Fort Charlotte.  An award winning chef will prepare fresh locally sourced meals for all those involved, paired with delicious wines from all over the province.  Live music will be performed with an unprecedented view of the city as a backdrop, and the evening will end with guests being shown to their luxury camping accommodations and escorted back to Halifax by boat in the morning.

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This unique Halifax experience is available all throughout the month of August, book here today!