Get out of your everyday routine and see something spectacularly surreal! These spots are going to shake up your every day and get you incredible material for your Instagram.

Surreal and cinematic landscapes abound on the East Coast. In addition to amazing beaches and hiking trails, you'll also find sculptures of the world's largest lobster AND the world's largest potato somewhere along the East Coast. 

Explore the Maritimes and see these amazing places for yourself! You won't believe what you can find. 

Shediac Giant Lobster

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Who doesn't love a hilarious roadside attraction? Shediac is known as the Lobster Capital of the World, so it's fitting that this New Brunswick town is home to the World's Largest Lobster! This monument, just a short drive from Moncton, is a must-see piece of East Coast surrealism.

Parc Provincial Hopewell Rocks

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These epic cliffs look like something straight out of a fantasy movie. Check out the Hopewell Rocks at both high and low tide to see this landscape at its most surreal.

Quiddy Falls

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You have to hike through the enchanting New Brunswick forest to make it to this popular swimming hole. These falls are in the centre of a heart-shaped pool surrounded by the forest so get yourself into this fairy tale ASAP.

Fogo Island Inn

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Fogo Island is incredible on its own, but these accommodations are totally unreal. The Fogo Island Inn might be my favourite piece of architecture on the East Coast. Seamlessly blending traditional Newfoundland outport architecture and local building traditions, this ultra-modern and ecologically-friendly hotel is a must-see.

Singing Sands

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Singing Sands on Prince Edward Island has got to be one of the world's most unusual beaches. It has fine, white sand like a tropical beach and it makes a really strange noise when you walk on it! I'd call it the Squeaking Sands. Don't miss P.E.I.'s most beautiful and entertaining beach.

Cape D’Or

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This Nova Scotia lighthouse looks so classic East Coast. There's an inn and a restaurant right next to it where you can get incredible coastal views of the lighthouse and get a really good home-cooked meal.

Le Petit Bois Yurts

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I really hope that this Yurt trend keeps on going strong because it's incredible to spend the night in one of these! Imagine being cosy and warm inside your perfectly circular Yurt tent, watching the stars at night before you fall asleep. This spot near the Université Sainte-Anne Campus in Nova Scotia is a uniquely East Coast surreal experience.

Halifax Citadel

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You can't help but laugh and get curious about Canada's "living museums" like the one at the old Halifax Citadel. Spend an afternoon exploring the fantastical historic site and learning about our military history. Watch the guards parade during their sentry change and if you're brave enough to visit at night, you can even do a ghost tour!

Avonlea Village

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P.E.I. is really into Anne of Green Gables. So into it, in fact, that they have a mock village where tourists can go drink cherry cordial and explore Anne's hometown. Avonlea Village is pretty touristy, but it's also endearingly cheerful. If you love historical fiction, then you can appreciate the adorable geekiness of this place.


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One of Canada's UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Old Town Lunenburg is surreal in part because you'll find the Bluenose there. It's just like the boat on our dime! Lunenberg has a modern, urban population that exists alongside the colourful and historical old town.

Rushtons Beach

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Unusually warm Atlantic waters and sweeping sandy landscapes make this one of the most surreal beaches on the East Coast. Visit at low tide to see the sandbars appear out of the ocean and keep your eyes open for birds that live in the nearby salt marshes.

The Cocoon Tree Bed

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Can this please be a candidate for the most surreal place to stay in Canada? You can sleep next to the beach in a cocoon suspended from the trees on Ingonish Beach in Nova Scotia. This unique tent will actually sway you to sleep. Camping just got a whole lot more interesting!

Crystal Cliffs Antigonish

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Crystal Cliffs Beach is one of the best-known spots on the East Coast for unforgettable views. It's pretty unreal to walk along the beach and find so many orange and white gypsum crystals in the rocks and pebbles.

Twillingate Icebergs

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Given the state of the climate catastrophe, who knows how much longer we have to see these massive icebergs? There's no better place to check them out than Twillingate where the icebergs wash right up to the charming Newfoundland town. You can get on a boat tour to get up close to them, but they're still pretty impressive even from the coast.

L'Anse Aux Meadows

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Sorry, West Coast. The East Coast has Vikings and you don't. See how the Vikings lived in Canda at the magical L'Anse Aux Meadows National Historic Site. Almost 1000 years ago, Canada was visited by Vikings coming from Greenland and you can see what they left behind. This surreal archaeologicall site is like nothing else in Canada!

Cape Sable Island

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Cape Sable Island is a long, low sandy beach that's famous for causing shipwrecks. The surreal and cinematic landscape makes it irresistible for beach lovers! Visit this mysterious place for yourself and see what makes it so incredible.

Berry Head

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Nature is so crazy. If you're looking for the most spectacular East Coast hike possible, then come to Berry Head. The rock archway formation creates a geyser driven by the ocean waves. It's hard to believe that this rugged spot even exists!

Cabot Tower

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This lovely heritage building in St. John's sits atop Signal Hill and looks out over the ocean. Guglielmo Marconi himself sent a message here and it was the first successful long-distance phone call!

Canadian Potato Museum

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Canadians from coast to coast should take pride in housing our very own potato museum and the world's largest potato sculpture. If this quirky little spot isn't the most hilarious museum ever I don't know what is. Find this gem on P.E.I. and tag me in your photo with this giant potato!

Martinique Beach

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Walk along the surreal and exotic-sounding Martinique beach in Nova Scotia for an unforgettable afternoon! This crescent-shaped white sand beach is a must-see.

The Bottle Houses

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All the weird and wonderful stuff seems to be on P.E.I., doesn't it? You can visit the bottle houses at Cape Egmont and get a new perspective on consumerism. P.E.I. doesn't allow plastic bottles on the Island at all, so these more natural glass bottles are in abundance!

Seven Bays Bouldering Gym

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For the most unreal workout, head to this bouldering gym in Halifax. The bouldering walls are constantly shifting and changing each week so you never get bored of conquering the same wall over and over again! There's also a cafe here if you just want to see the unusual shapes and colours and be inspired to improve your own upper body strength.

The Algonquin Resort

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This luxury hotel in New Brunswick looks like it's from a fairy tale! Perfectly balancing period and modern design, a stay here would be the ultimate surreal luxury.

Bay Of Fundy

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The Bay of Fundy is massive and has tons of places to explore. From unreal and iconic landscapes to massive tides and sea creatures, you're sure to find something amazing here. Check out the Hopewell Rocks (from earlier in our list) and Cape Split to get iconic shots like this!

Meat Cove

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Meat Cove is a picturesque campsite sitting next to jagged cliffs that rise up from the ocean. You can really connect to the rugged nature of the East Coast here! It almost seems dangerous to camp so close to the edge of the cliffs, but that's part of what makes this place so surreal.

Cape Breton Highlands

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Mountains sit flush next to the ocean at Cape Breton Highlands National Park. The dramatic Skyline Trail makes for one of the most surreal hikes you'll ever experience.

Vandal Doughnuts

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Vandal Doughnuts in Halifax makes some of the cutest and most delicious doughnuts on the East Coast. They even have vegan options. You seriously need to get your hands on one of their cookie monster doughnuts.

Cheticamp Gypsum Quarry

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To see emerald green waters surrounded by forest and cliffs, check out the secluded gypsum quarry in Nova Scotia! Hiking trails wind around this spot so you can make a day of it and explore the surreal landscape.

Inspire Murals

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Moncton's Inspire Mural festival has been transforming the city into a playground for artistic expression. Wander around the city yourself and find your favourite mural. This massive blue jay mural is so realistic that it even has it's own shadow!

The Fredericton Legislative Building

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Canada's legislative buildings are always hiding a cool secret or two. This spiral staircase gives me vertigo just looking at it! For a surreal experience worthy of a Dali painting, check out Fredericton's Legislative building and tour around.