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This Secluded Gypsum Quarry Is Definitely Worth Visiting Over The Summer

Take a dip in the turquoise waters.

Road trip out to Cheticamp this summer and go for a swim in this emerald gypsum quarry that lies at the end of a short hiking trail, beginning along the Cheticamp Back Road.  Not only will you get the chance to experience some epic views of this stunning pool from the edge of surrounding cliffs, but there are also footpaths that lead down to the quarry's edge, where people can swim and sunbathe.

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A zipline chord runs the length of the turquoise pool, allowing visitors the chance to swing across before leaping into the water!  Spend the day hiking the area, or take a break from your Cabot Trail road trip and be sure to drop by this hidden Nova Scotian gem next time you’re near the Cheticamp area.  via @katynicolea

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