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You Need To Try All 60+ Flavours Of Doughnuts At This Shop In Halifax

Cookie Monster, Homer, Mermaid Poop and more! 🍩

Who doesn't love a delicious doughnut? The next time you are craving doughnuts, you need to check out this doughnut shop in Halifax. Vandal Doughnuts is a must-stop spot and is totally worth the drive. Here, they offer an incredible menu of over 60 flavours of doughnuts, and you need to try them all!

Vandal Doughnuts has two locations in Nova Scotia, one in Halifax and the other in downtown Dartmouth. Both shops are open seven days a week and are cheap spots to eat if you are on a budget.

The Nova Scotia dessert shop sells mouthwatering and Instagrammable fried doughnuts in cute pink boxes. The jaw-dropping menu has so many flavours that you'll need to visit over multiple days just to try them all. At Vandal Doughnuts, the available flavours rotate daily, so make sure to check their website before you visit.

Be warned — when you visit Vandal Doughnuts, it will be impossible to pick just one doughnut. Here, they sell a variety of uniquely-themed doughnuts with several inspired by Sesame Street, such as the adorable Cookie Monster, Elmo, and Oscar doughnuts. One of the most popular doughnuts is called Homer and looks straight out of The Simpsons with its pink icing and sprinkles.

What makes Vandal Doughnuts so special? You'll find doughnut flavours there that you won't find anywhere else, like their Kit Kat Breakup which comes with a Kit Kat chocolate bar inside the doughnut. Other must-try doughnuts that also have playful names are Sensual Seduction, Mermaid Poop, and Slim Shady.

Every day of the week, there are at least 18 unique flavours for sale, with a few vegan doughnuts, too. The classic doughnuts are $1.85 each (or $20 a dozen), while their supreme, vegan, and premium donuts range in price between $2.25 and $4.20 each.

Want to try these doughnuts for yourself? Head here with your friends to split a box of Vandal Doughnuts to decide which flavours you enjoy most!

Vandal Doughnuts

Price: 💸

Cuisine: Doughnuts

Address: 2150 Gottingen St., Halifax, NS and 77 King St., Dartmouth, NS

Why You Need To Go: They have over 60 different flavours of doughnuts to try!

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