You Can Now Get A Sushi Burrito In Halifax

The best of both worlds.
You Can Now Get A Sushi Burrito In Halifax

Fear not seafood lovers, Halifax is now offering our very own version of the sensational sushi sandwich taking the world by storm.  Our sources recently discovered that Bento Sushi in Superstores across the city actually serve some delicious, handmade sushirritos! 

Those who love both Japanese and Mexican food equally but find it difficult to pick between the two will be thrilled to discover that their problems have come to a conclusion with the introduction of three sushirrito flavours available at Superstores all over the HRM. 

Go for the freshly made Steelhead Salmon Tsunami Burrito, the Big Katuna Burrito or the Colossal Cali Burrito next time you’re looking to take your sushi craving to the next level.

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