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Canada Has Its Own "Trick Or Treat" Knockoff & We Had No Idea

It's apparently an age-old Canadian tradition!
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"Halloween Apples" Is A Weird Canadian Tradition That Has The Internet Shook

If you’re ever guilty of forgetting just how big Canada actually is, this will be sure to remind you. While many of us have been using the phrase “trick or treat” for as long as we can remember, there are some parts of the country that say something completely different, and it’s super weird! According to the internet, saying “Halloween Apples” is an age-old Canadian tradition, and the rest of the country is shook.

Rather appropriately, the whole debate kicked-off on the afternoon of Halloween, when one Canadian took to Twitter to ask about the seasonal phrase “Halloween apples.” According to the original post, this is what some Canadians actually shout during their quest for candy, instead of the more-common "trick or treat."

Initially, many people online were quick to reject the apples expression, saying they'd never even heard of it in their particular region. However, slowly but surely, Canadians from across the country started responding to the question, confirming that they actually used “Halloween apples” instead of “trick or treat” when knocking on doors for candy.

By 1:30 p.m. ET, "Halloween apples" was trending on Twitter, with hundreds of Canadians getting involved in this great Halloween debate.

In response to the original tweet, the person who initiated the debate explained, “We called “Halloween Apples” and I’m wondering if it’s a Winnipeg thing.” 

However, from the responses, it seems that “Halloween Apples” wasn’t a phrase that was limited to Winnipeg, as people from Saskatoon, Edmonton, Regina and others, all responded to say that they used the call too.

Another Canadian Twitter user explained, "I've mentioned this before but my wife has never bought that growing up in Calgary, instead of chanting 'trick-or-treat', children shouted 'Halloween Aaaaaapples!"

While another added, "When I was young there was a kid on my street who wouldn't knock on the door or ring the bell and say 'Trick or Treat', instead they would just stand outside the door and yell 'Halloween Apples.' Is this an actual thing?"

Despite many Canadians arguing that “Halloween Apples” is definitely a thing, others were just adamant that “trick or treat” is the only correct Halloween expression.

One Canadian wrote, "Never heard 'Halloween Apples' before. I grew up SCREAMING 'Halloween Treats Please' & Trick or Treat'. The level of yelling at the door was off the charts."

Another added, "I am from Ontario and have never heard of “Halloween Apples” until this very moment."

With a country as big as Canada, it’s hardly surprising that different Halloween expressions can be found in different regions.

That said, I think “trick or treat” is the safest bet if you want to avoid a bucket full of apples tonight!

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    Helena Hanson
    Trending Editor
    Helena Hanson is a Senior Editor for Narcity Canada's Trending Desk focused on major news. She previously lived in Ottawa, but is now based in the U.K.
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