Indeed, we are currently in the midst of cuffing season, and while that most likely calls for lonely singles swiping right on every profile without even really looking at them, there remains the small population of millennials are already in solid, committed relationships.

*Cough* Must be nice *cough.* ANYWAY, during what is probably the most romantic season of the year, these couples are more than ready to embark on some ultimate romantic dates. Luckily for them, Hamilton has some epic ideas that can be for anyone from high school sweethearts to a large girl gang.

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Attend The Hamilton Conservative Christmas Formal

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This is one is a great idea to surprise your girlfriend with as a Christmas gift. But something to surprise your boyfriend? … Well, just make sure you buy them some beer there, too.


Indulge In Some Cravings At Donut Monster

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I don’t think I really need to explain this one. Donut Monster is good enough for a first date to also turn into a tenth date, so don’t skip out on this out-of-this-world Hamilton dessert shop.


Stroll Along The Bruce Trail

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Okay, so the Bruce Trial may not entirely be in Hamilton - but hey, we still have a good chunk of it! Stretching from the city and all the way to Niagara, the Bruce Trail is a lovely idea for a snow-covered, insta-worthy date night.


Attend The Hamilton Art Battle

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Now I’ve heard of dance battles and rap battles (a big shout out to Drake for making that sh*t cool again) but I have yet to hear of an art battle. And what is more romantic than trying new things whilst on a date?!


Have Brunch With Bennies & Beats

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During every Sunday of December, you can enjoy a fun brunch at the Diplomat while also listening to live music. *In a horrible and unjustifiable Justin Bieber voice* All I need is a Bennie and a beat.


Try Not To Let Them Fall While Ice Skating At Pier 8

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I know, I know, this is a classic winter activity but you can't go wrong with a skating date! Help your cutie strap on their skates, hold hands as you glide along the ice, and then warm up with some cozy hot chocolate afterwards! It's perfect for a romantic evening.


Attend The Titanic-Themed New Year's Eve Party At Black Rabbit

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I mean, come on. I really don’t think there’s a movie more romantic than a woman who lets her 3-day lover die in the icy aftermath of a sinking cruise ship.


Buy Them Some Goodies At Chocolat On James

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A cute little dessert shop on James Street, Chocolat on James will win the heart of any sweet tooth sweetheart.


Check Out The Devil's Punch Bowl

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Don’t let the name scare you! One of the city’s many natural gems, the surrounding fields at the Devil's Punch Bowl is perfect for a quick detour of Hamilton’s wild side.


Drink Some Hot Chocolate At Mulberry Coffeehouse

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This snuggly cafe is one of my favourites, especially when there’s hot chocolate and cold winter nights involved.


Visit The Royal Botanical Gardens

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A date at the Royal Botanical Gardens is never a bad idea, but a date at the Royal Botanical Gardens during winter?! Now that’s a concept.


Schedule A Couple's Massage At Urban Healing Studio

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You know what they say - couples who massage together, stay together. (They don’t actually say that, but I strive to be a trendsetter when I grow up).