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Doug Ford Hamilton Criticism Has Residents And Politicians Furiously Responding

Ontario's premier is no stranger to controversy. In fact, that can be something of an understatement with Doug Ford. Hamilton is in the firing line this time, as the provincial premier has sparked another furious debate by trash-talking the Ontario city.

On Tuesday, November 5, Ford claimed that the NDP, whose members he calls "socialists", has "destroyed" Hamilton with the help of the Liberal government "for years", as quoted by CBC.

Ford doubled down, saying he believes the credit for the Hamilton's "improving" economy is due to work carried out by local Conservative MPP Donna Skelly and the Conservative government.

"Hamilton has been ignored. It has been run by the NDP — the socialists — who destroyed the city for years," Ford said in response to a question made during question period, according to CBC. "Now these companies are flowing into Hamilton, because of our great MPP."

Those comments definitely rubbed Hamiltonians the wrong way, as you might expect.

For a start, Ontario NDP leader, Hamilton Centre MPP, and born Hamiltonian Andrea Horwath suggested it seems the province's premier does not know the city.

"I think Hamilton's a great city," said Horwath, according to CBC. "And I guess the Premier's got to wake up and have a look at how great it really is."

This isn't the first time Ontarians have responded to Ford's "out of touch" comments and changes. The debated "OK Boomer" made its rounds on Twitter in response to Ford's cellphone ban in Ontario high schools.

Ryerson students also fought back at Ford's cuts during a protest this morning.

As you may have guessed, Ford's blunt criticism of Hamilton sparked backlash from a lot of defenders and residents of the city. In fact, the Hammer came down hard on the premier, as Twitter blew up with responses to the comments.

This comment appears to be referring to the Ford family business where the premier eventually became president of Deco Labels and Tags.

The band Arkells, notable Hamiltonians, also tweeted a furious response:

And Horwath was certainly here for that retaliation.

Residents of Hamilton were also livid with Ford's assessment, questioning what the provincial government has really done for the city.

That last one's a Hamilton The Musical joke, folks.

According to CBC, Ford said the NDP and Kathleen Wynne's former Liberal government "ran 300,000 manufacturing jobs" out of the province, while his Conservative government was actually "creating 272,000 new manufacturing jobs." He did not go into the specifics of these numbers.

Ford has definitely been in some hot water lately, but he hasn't apologized for his latest comments despite the resistance from Hamilton.

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