Canada Post's New Hanukkah Stamps Are Super Festive

It's almost like they're glowing!
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Canada Post Hanukkah Stamps Are Extra Festive This Year

Depending on who you ask, the holiday season is already upon us. Canada Post is definitely already in the holiday mood since they released new stamps especially made for the holidays, and it's not only about Christmas this year. Hanukkah in Canada is even more festive now with new holiday stamps.

Christmas isn't the only magical time during the holiday season. Hanukkah, the festival of lights, is a special celebration for Jewish people and can fall any time from late November to late December.

To celebrate the holiday, Canada Post put out a special Hanukkah stamp for people to use on their mail before and during the holiday.

The stamp is designed by Lionel Gadoury of Context Creative to honour the Jewish Festival of Lights and explore the relationship between light and dark.

On the stamp, there's a stylized menorah that is lit and the light gives off layered patterns of colours from bright yellow to muted pink to dark purple. 

If it seems super early for these stamps to come out, Canada Post has a reason. 

"Canada Post is issuing this stamp today, well in advance of the celebration, so that Canadians can make their Hanukkah cards and other mail more festive," Canada Post said in a news release.

The design and the colours are meant to "evoke a sense of reflection and contemplation."

Hanukkah is an eight-day, wintertime festival that is celebrated with special prayers, fried foods and a nightly menorah lighting.

The festival commemorates the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem, Judaism's holiest site, after a battle for religious freedom. The menorah was meant to stay lit at all times but after the battle, there was only enough oil to last for one night.

But that oil managed to last for the eight days it took to prepare new oil.

That's why a new candle is lit every day during Hanukkah.

The Hanukkah stamp comes in a booklet of 10 stamps at Canada Post retail locations and online for $9.

A collectible envelope is so available and it's stamped with a permanent Hanukkah stamp from 2019.

For 2019, Hanukkah begins at nightfall on December 22 and goes until nightfall on December 30.

Now you can send Hanukkah cards, letters and packages to friends and family with a festive spin to celebrate the holiday.

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