Dan Levy “Can’t Wait” For You To See His New Movie With Kristen Stewart This Year

We're as excited as he is!
Dan Levy “Can’t Wait” For You To See His New Movie With Kristen Stewart This Year

Dan Levy is returning to the screen this year, but not as David Rose. The Canadian actor's new movie Happiest Season will be his first role since Schitt's Creek's heartbreaking goodbye this spring. Production for the film just wrapped and Levy shared a special message about it with his fans.

According to Deadline, Happiest Season is about a woman planning to propose to her girlfriend during a holiday party. She faces a dilemma when she finds out that her girl hasn't yet come out to her parents. 

Levy will co-star alongside Alison Brie, Mackenzie Davis, and Kristen Stewart in the movie.

Last month, Levy and Stewart were spotted by fans on the streets of Pittsburgh as filming was underway. 

Production officially began on January 21 and according to Levy's Instagram story, he is finally on his way home.

On Friday morning, Levy shared a video from the inside of a car cruising down a highway before sunrise. "Wrapped! Coming home with the sun. Thanks for a great time, @happiestseason @officialclead. Can't wait for you all to see it." 

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Also among the star-studded cast is Step Brothers star, Mary Steenburgen. Levy shared a selfie with her earlier this week writing, “We’re having fun.”

Steenburgen shared the same photo on her account, validating what you probably assumed was true about the Canadian actor.

She wrote, “Yep. He is every bit as wonderful as you think he is”. Levy left the reply, “Mary! The feeling is mutual. Faxing over adoption papers.”

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Levy's stand-in Jordan LoNigro also shared a selfie with him writing, "Happy Friday from me and Dan Levy! We wrapped up on Happiest Season at about 5:30 a.m. this morning. I was Dan’s stand-in. He was such a genuine and nice guy. Really enjoyed working with him and I hope to be able to again in the future!"

These lucky fans managed to get snaps with the Toronto-born actor too.

This is Levy's sixth movie role, according to IMDb. He was also in one episode of Modern Family and has played David Rose in Schitt's Creek since 2015. 

You can catch Levy in Happiest Seasons when it premieres on November 25. 

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