Canadians will soon be able to get a dose of happy pills, no prescription required. A Barcelona-based candy store for adults is reportedly expanding across the country, starting with a location in Laval. The Happy Pills Canada expansion will include over 20 stores, reports Retail Insider.

According to its website, Happy Pills sells a variety of "sweet remedies for daily pains." Whether you're suffering from a case of the blue Mondays or the Sunday scaries, these natural candies are a fun and playful cure.

You'll get to choose your own bottle and customize its contents. You can also buy or create your own label to match the ailment that your happy pills will help with.

There is also a range of different packs you can buy or fill up, including small "pill" containers, mini-cases, emergency kits and more.

Happy Pills operates in several countries, including Spain, France, Andorra, South Korea, the U.S. and now Canada at CF Carrefour Laval. Its first newly-opened U.S. location is in Boston, reports Retail Insider.

These stores don't look like traditional candy shops, either. The interior is all-white and brightly lit to go with the pharmacy theme. The Happy Pills concept is for an adult target audience, but there are offers for kids as well.

The chain's candy selection includes organic gummies, chocolates and a range of vegan treats.

With the new KitKat chocolatory now open at Toronto's Yorkdale Mall and an endless variety of whimsical spots to indulge in something sweet, a Canadian expansion seems fitting for a place like Happy Pills.

Narcity has reached out to the Spanish candy chain for details on their Canadian expansion plans. We will update the story once we hear back.

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