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Harry And Meghan In Canada Could Rack Up $10 Million In Security Costs

With all of the excitement surrounding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's decision to spend time in Canada, one big question has been looming. Since the couple is still considered part of the Royal Family, they will need a security detail, and someone has to pay for it. Unfortunately, no one seems to know yet who will cover the security bill for Harry and Meghan in Canada.

Even Prime Minister Justin Trudeau does not seem to know whose responsibility it is to pay for the couple's security.

"There are still a lot of decisions to be taken by the Royal Family, by the Sussexes themselves as to what level of engagement they choose to have," the Prime Minister told Global News. "We are obviously supportive of their reflections but have responsibilities in that as well."

When it comes to who will pick up the tab, all he could say was, "We’re not entirely sure what the final decisions will be."

So just how much does all of that extra protection cost?

According to security expert and former RCMP officer Chris Mathers, the price tag for the Royal Family's safety could potentially reach up to $10 million a year.

"They need personal body guards all the time. You have to pay those peoples’ salaries. You’ve got to pay for the vehicles they travel in and the aircraft they travel in," Mathers told the Globe And Mail.

"You have to pay for the communications equipment they require because it has to be sophisticated so that you can’t listen to it."

The Duke and Duchess recently spent the holidays in British Columbia, and B.C.'s premier John Horgan has expressed his excitement at the couple settling down there.

However, Horgan has also expressed that he doesn't know how the couple's security will be paid for.

"Who is going to pay for it? I haven’t given it a lot of thought and I’m sure people are working on it and I’ll have more thoughts on it if they move here," Horgan told Global News.

Horgan also said that he could definitely find something for Harry to do and that Meghan could possibly show up on Riverdale if she wanted.

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