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6 Things You Didn’t Know About ‘Too Hot To Handle’s’ Harry Jowsey

Maybe Kendall Jenner finally DM'd him back.
Harry Jowsey From Too Hot To Handle

Hello, all you naughty little possums! If you've been on Netflix lately, you may have seen the face of Harry Jowsey from Too Hot to Handle. The 23-year-old Australian has taken over the internet as the new reality dating series has risen in popularity over the last few days.

Of the 14 cast members on the Netflix original, Jowsey was one of the only ones to walk away with newfound love. It remains unclear exactly what his current relationship status is, although we have learned some very interesting things about the Queensland born star over the past few days.

He previously competed on another dating show

According to Metro, Jowsey's breakout role wasn't on Too Hot to Handle—he actually competed on a New Zealand based series called Heartbreak Island back in 2018.

The series was very similar in style to Love Island, and Metro reports that Jowsey actually won his season, along with his girlfriend at the time, bringing home $100,000.

He and Francesca have reportedly split since filming ended

It's no secret that the relationship between Francesca and her Australian beau was rocky on the show, but according to Heart, the two continued to date for a while after filming, and Francesca even visited Harry's hometown of Queensland.

Things have yet to be confirmed from either party, but both cast members shared Valentine's Day posts earlier this year that hinted at them now being single.

"As Valentine’s Day approaches it’s a good time to think about relationships and how it’s two people coming together to solve problems you wouldn’t have if you were just single 🤔," the 23-year-old captioned the photo.

He has his own merch line with his best catchphrases from the show

If you've checked out the Australian's Instagram page, you may have noticed that link in his bio that takes you to a website called Naughty Possums. This was one of Jowsey's signature catchphrases on the show, and he sells merchandise with some of his other clever sayings.

You may recall Jowsey revealing that he once slid in Kendall Jenner's DMs calling her a "butter chicken". The line may not have worked on the model, but it certainly looks good on a t-shirt.

He's gained over 300,000 followers since Too Hot to Handle premiered

When the Netflix original series premiered, Jowsey was sitting at 141,000 followers on Instagram. Since the show was uploaded last Friday, his follower count has sky-rocketed to over 500,000 and it only continues to go up every day.

This means that he's the second most followed member of the cast, right after his on-screen lover, Francesca.

He has a YouTube channel where he talks about his dating life and more

When he's not competing on reality TV shows, the 23-year-old films the occasional YouTube video. His channel currently has nearly 2,500 subscribers, although he's only uploaded four videos.

The content he films include vlogs of his workouts, Q&A's about his relationship status and any other drama that goes on in his life, and travel. It's been a year since he uploaded, so here's to hoping he makes his return to the platform soon!

He splits his time between Australia and Los Angeles

Just one part of Jowsey's charm is his unforgettable Australian accent, but like so many other reality TV stars, he's made the move to sunny Los Angeles.

Interestingly enough, Francesca also splits her time between her home to Vancouver and LA, so there is a chance that the two could still be together under the radar.

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