Harry Potter super fans, unite! You can take part in all the witchcraft and wizardry you want with this Harry Potter bar crawl. Waterloo is hosting the event which will let you join a Hogwarts house, earn your diploma in magic, and have an all-round magical night!

This event comes just a few days before Halloween, making it the perfect way to get into the spooky spirit.

The bars, of course, will be serving up Harry Potter-themed drinks and shots so now is your chance to try some Butterbeer if you haven't had the chance to yet. Just a heads-up, drinks are not included in the ticket pricing.

A general admission ticket will see the sorting hat select a Hogwarts house shirt for you at random. Fingers crossed for Ravenclaw or Gryffindor, obviously, but test your luck and find out! The good news is you won't be segregated from your friends if you end up in different houses!

With this ticket, you'll also get your bar pass which gives you entry to all the pubs on the slate. All of the featured bars are within walking distance from one another.

If you live for Harry Potter and want to get the most of this event, you can get the Wizards package. This offer lets you can skip the sorting hat and Slytherin to the shirt of your favourite Hogwarts house.

To add to the fun, the package will also give you a Hogwarts acceptance letter for you to frame or pin to the fridge, a collectible Platform 9-3/4 train ticket, a Hogwart's Diploma to prove you earned your wizarding stripes, a Golden Snitch sticker, the first chapter of the Harry Potter saga poster, a poster featuring the Hogwarts crest, and the bar pass!

For just $5 more, surely only a Hufflepuff would say no!

There will be Harry Potter giveaways, too, where you can win themed ties and scarves, as well as stickers which are all part of a scavenger hunt done all night long.

If you head over to the event's Facebook page, you also have the chance to win pretty cool necklaces and handmade wands, for the die-hard fans.

This Harry Potter bar crawl has events coast to coast so if you're interested in participating but can't make it to Waterloo, make sure to check where else it'll magically appear.

Now is your chance to show off your love for Harry Potter and party the night away.

Harry Potter Bar Crawl

Price: $30 General Admission, $35 Wizard Package (both before taxes)

When: Oct. 25 from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m.

Address: Waterloo

Why You Need To Go: You get a pretty sweet shirt, party with other Harry Potter fans and make awesome memories.

Disclaimer: Cover photo on the left used for illustrative purposes only.

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