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Harry Potter Election Signs Have Magically Appeared In An Ontario Riding

They're absolutely 'riddikulus!'
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Harry Potter Election Signs Have Magically Appeared In An Ontario Riding

Things took a magical and mysterious turn in one Ontario riding this weekend, as residents of Woodfield, London, woke up to find that some unusual candidates seemed to be running in Canada’s federal election. While their respective parties didn’t seem to be political, they were certainly familiar to many Canadians: Gryffindor, Dumbledore’s Army, the Death Eaters and the Marauders.

In a tweet on Saturday morning, one Woodfield local shared four images of campaign lawn signs that had popped up in his area, featuring four familiar, and magical, names!

Running in the London North Centre riding for the Gryffindor party was Harry Potter, running for the Dumbledore’s Army party was Hermoine Granger, the Marauders representative was Remus Lupin and Lord Voldemort was the candidate for Ontario’s Death Eaters.

The 'riddikulus' signs caused quite the stir online on Saturday morning, with many Canadians responding to the original post to share their own Harry Potter related jokes and puns.

One Twitter user responded to say, “These signs are not "approved by the official agent for..." The Ministry of Magic is not going to be happy.”

The Woodfield local who shared the original post replied to say, “Ha! Love it... guess I’ll be getting a visit from Dolores Umbridge.”

Some of the characters’ campaign signs also featured slogans based on quotes from the popular J.K. Rowling book series.

Lord Voldemort’s sign featured the slogan, “There is no good and evil - there is only power and those too weak to see it.”

While Harry Potter’s sign read, “Let’s make magic happen for Ontario.”

Several Canadians also responded to the post to say which party they’d vote for, and some of their answers were siriusly hilarious!

One Harry Potter fan wrote, “I should have known our Diagon Alley was in Woodfield, London! #TeamLupin #VoldemortHasToGo.”

Another joked, “I’ll say Lupin. I just feel Hermione is too idealistic and not realistic however she is very smart and has a great track record. Can’t vote Potter. History shows you don’t vote for a celebrity." They added, "And Voldemort wants all us muggles dead. Lupin is gruff and seen some shit. No BS.”

With the federal election now less than two weeks away, these remusing lawn signs have really got the locals Rowling around with laughter.

We can only hope that they don't get snitched on!

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