Anyone who's played Cards of Humanity knows just how ridiculous and hilarious it can be. Harry Potter fans have kicked things up a notch with the creation of "Cards Against Muggles" - an incredible play on the millennial favourite that's driving Potterheads crazy. 

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The game has been given an 18+ rating due to explicit content making us more excited than ever to see what kind of cards are attached to this childhood favourite. From the sneak peaks we've been able to score of the cards, we're already incredibly stoked to play. 

Creators shared pictures of cards with the starter "After months of practising magic, I think I’m finally ready for …..”. Possible answers? "Having to explain to Madam Pomfrey why you used engorgio on your d**k," or "Random red-headed splinched twat floating in the Room of Requirement." Another great example is "I overdosed on Felix Felicis and found...". Answer? "The basilisk in my pants." Ah. Ma. Zing.

Cards Against Muggles sprung up by some hardcore fans from the states who had no idea the game would explode in such a way. Luckily, creators have since made the 1,300 card deck available for purchase and download online for a mere $19.95 - as if you could put a price on happiness. 

P.S other's a discount code for 10% - it's mischiefmanaged. Get yours here.