If you didn't score any tickets to Harry Styles 2017 Tour, congratulations - join the club. When one of the most popular singers in the world goes solo, tickets tend to sell out in 30 seconds, which can cause all of us extreme FOMO. While I have tickets to his show in June - yes, June of 2018 - I lived vicariously through his first, amazing show in San Francisco. 

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First off, let's talk about wardrobe. Harry is no stranger to a floral suit. I, in fact welcome it at this point. Thanks to his famed pink, floral Gucci number at the AMA's way back when, this ensemble - a custom Gucci suit -just made my heart warm. 

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Harry also gave us a sneak peak at what some of his merch looks like, as old pal and hair/makeup artist shared a picture of herself at the show in this tee, promoting pure Hazza Stazza love. 

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And last but not least, Harry paid homage to his famous boyband roots with this beautiful remix of 'What Makes You Beautiful.' Enjoy and try not to bawl. 

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