Saturday Night Live is a show known for some quality humour in their writing, but their special guest this past weekend proved that things don't have to be scripted to be funny. Harry Styles SNL performance last week was so hilarious because of how he pronounced Shawn Mendes' name. Everyone makes mistakes every now and again, but at least for most of us, unlike the former One Direction member, it isn't broadcasted worldwide afterward. Luckily for Styles, according to his Tweet, Shawn Mendes took it as all fun and games. 

The SNL gang had the British singer do a skit acting as a corporate employee who is accused by his boss about accidentally using the companies Instagram as his personal one. From inappropriate comments on Nick Jonas' pictures to Dirty DMs with Shawn Mendes, the skit was full of millennial easter eggs to relate to.  

The most shocking part came when the Sign of the Times singer had a line that included Mendes' name.  

Instead of pronouncing his name correctly, what came out on TV was "Shawn Men-deez." 

This has had both singers' fans trying to get the two to react about the skit on Twitter all week, and Mendes finally responded. 

Julie on Twitter wanted to, "know if Shawn heard how Harry pronounced his last name." 

The Canadian star took it upon himself to quote the tweet, cheerfully replying, "Yeah that's officially how it's pronounced now!"

Styles hasn't commented about the name change yet but SNL got involved with the situation. They replied to his name-change announcement with two exclamation marks:

What do you think about the change? Will you be calling the Señorita singer "Men-deez?" 

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