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Harvey Weinstein Got Slapped In The Face By Someone In A Restaurant And It's Amazing (VIDEO)

With all of the allegations that came out (and continue to pour in) about Harvey Weinstein, it's pretty safe to say that 2017 was the year that he was someone the entire world wouldn't mind punching in the face. While the average person wouldn't get that opportunity, it turns out in Arizona, one person got that chance and you'll be happy to know that they didn't let us down.

It all went down at a restaurant in Arizona, the well known Hollywood producer fled to the state after being exiled from Hollywood. While he's escaped the media, for the most part, it seemed someone was camera ready for the whole ordeal and we couldn't be more thankful:

The video shows Weinstein trying to get past some paparazzi who found out his location. He was apparently at the upscale restaurant with his sober coach after a day of therapy. While slipping through with his bodyguard blocking photographers, a man gave the producer two slaps on the face saying "get the fuck out of here" "fucking piece of shit."

The man who slapped him was identified by TMZ as Steve and after speaking with him they learned that he had been a little drunk and when he say Weinstein, had asked his friend to start filming him as he went up to go slap him. Weinstein hasn't spoken to the cops or pressed any charges over the incident but a spokesperson for the producer said that TMZ's narrative was accurate.

While this definitely isn't all the punishment we hope Weinstein receives for the alleged sexual harassment, assault and rape charges that have come from 80 women, it definitely is pretty satisfying to watch.

Source:VICE Canada

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