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Harvey's & Swiss Chalet Are Offering Front-Line Workers In Canada 50% Off For A Week

The deal lasts until March 27.
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Harvey's & Swiss Chalet Are Offering 50% Off Orders For Front-Line Workers In Canada

Here's something to warm your heart. During a time of uncertainty, these restaurant chains in Canada are stepping up to the plate. Harvey's and Swiss Chalet are offering front-line workers in the country dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic 50% off for an entire week.

The two food chains announced on March 20 that people working the front-lines will get 50% off their orders to show support for all the hard work they're doing.

This deal lasts until March 27. 

For front-line workers, all take-out and drive-thru orders will get the discounted price since there is no in-restaurant seating anymore.

Harvey's and Swiss Chalet consider front-line workers to be Canadian government healthcare workers and first responders which include police, fire and paramedics.

"First responders are working countless hours to help keep Canadians safe and healthy, and we wanted to support them and their families," said David Colebrook, chief operating officer of Harvey's Canada, in a news release.

All government healthcare workers and first responders can take advantage of this deal by ordering and showing their credentials to a staff member.

"We thank our front-line health care workers - you are the heroes right now and we are here for you," said Ron Simard, chief operating officer of Swiss Chalet.

This deal isn't just for someone buying food for just themselves.

First responders and healthcare workers can order for their whole families and still get the discount.

"Our dining room seating is currently closed, but our drive-thrus and takeout are still open, so you can maintain social distance and pick up a bite to eat for yourself and your family after a long day," said Colebrook.

Front-line workers can get anything off the menu for 50% off whether it's an original burger with cheese and bacon with deep-fried pickles on the side from Harvey's or a half chicken dinner from Swiss Chalet or something else.

Both Harvey's and Swiss Chalet have been operating in Canada since the 1950s and now they're supporting people working the front-lines during this pandemic.

Another Canadian chain is giving back as well.

Tim Hortons is giving out free coffee to people across the country who are serving their community during COVID-19.

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