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Stranger Things Season 4 Sets Are Allegedly Already Popping Up Around Georgia

Stranger Things fans had to wait quite some time for season three to be released. It's a bittersweet feeling to finish an entire season in one day (be honest, we know you did too). With the presumed death of *Spoiler Omitted*, we are still sweating on the edge of our seats because they just cannot be gone. Signs are hinting that one of our fave townies may still be alive and signs are (literally) pointing to filming locations across Georgia for Stranger Things season four are already underway. 

Time Magazine reported that Netflix finally announced they are in fact coming out with another season of our favorite creepy '80s nostalgia series and it's evident that filming may already be taking place around Georgia. We take pride in our roots for being the stomping grounds of one of the most popular shows in the entire world and we are here to tell you that this year, you might actually be able to spot your favorite kid-centric cast. 

Of course, we are going to have to wait another long year (or more) to answer all of our sleep-preventing questions from the previous season, but our hearts can rest at least a little bit knowing that we aren't going to be left on a tantalizing cliffhanger forever.

Netflix's Stranger Things 4 trailer hints that the show will be taking a Wizard of Oz-esque turn because Eleven and her crew are not going to be in Hawkins anymore. 11alive has evidence, as reported by Georgia residents, that Stranger Things is filming in Georgia once again. 

The signs are marked with "McFly" which were also last year's basecamp signs indicating where the crew was filming for Stranger Things 3. Bystanders told 11alive's The A-Scene that they spotted these signs on Flowers Road in the Chamblee area and across from the FBI offices on Mercer University Drive.

Even though there isn't total proof of the cast is filming here, we can presume that sets will take place in Georgia, as they have for every season to date. We think it's worth checking out these spots for yourself because you may be lucky enough to get an inside scoop (from Scoops Ahoy?) Until next season, try not to slip into the Upside Down.

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