"Sloth" may be considered a seven deadly sin, but some days it’s just what you need to recharge. Furry faces of the adorable animals that share the name even act as an instant dose of serotonin on a Monday (or any day, let's be real). Sometimes, it’s a little bit of both, and there’s no shame in that. Now you can actually kick back and relax while hanging out with this sloth family and their baby from the Hattiesburg Zoo in Mississippi — #selfcare.

Being lazy has never been so cute, and we could all probably take some pointers on slowing down and enjoying life from these cuties.

You can check in on this family of Hoffman’s Two-Toed Sloths via live cam any time of the day; although sloths are nocturnal, so you’ll have better luck at night.

Chewy, Mo, and Baby Maple can be seen living it up in their enclosure, nestled into hammocks or hanging from various branches and bars.

While they tend to move about more during the nighttime, if you’re experiencing slow movements on your screen, it’s probably not your connection. They are sloths, after all.

You can even catch them munching on their favorite leafy greens or climbing to the bottom of their enclosure to do some slothy bathroom business. Um, some privacy, please!

The Hattiesburg Zoo also offers the opportunity to get up close and personal with Chewy, Mo, and Maple. Their sloth experience is $45 and lasts for about 45 minutes.

On the sloth encounter, you’ll tour the animal kitchen, prepare their food, feed them, and even get a chance to cuddle 'em.

Until you get the chance to see these adorable living coconuts in person, you can hang out with them all day on their live cam. Whip out that onesie for a sloth pajama party, anyone?

Sloth Cam

Why You Need To Watch It: Take some pointers from these adorable sloths slow down and enjoy life!