With Virginia being the first English settlement in America in 1607, there's sure to be some paranormal activity in some areas of the state. This haunted spot in Virginia is said to be a hotspot for many paranormal occurrences. There have even been TV shows and countless investigations. What's been seen can never be unseen. 

St. Albans Sanatorium in Radford, Virginia is said to be one of the most haunted places on the entire East Coast. This hospital was once an all-boys Lutheran school in 1892 and then became a psychiatric hospital in 1916 until the mid-1990s.

It is rumored that the boys' school was a place of bullying and unhealthy competition in their athletic departments. Many of the students ultimately committed suicide on campus due to these conditions.

When the school shut down and transitioned into an institution, many patients committed suicide during their stay due to a multitude of reasons.  

Sanatoriums were known to test different painful procedures on patients like electroshock therapy and lobotomies. Many died from these procedures - some were permanently disabled. 

St. Albans officially closed in the 1990s. Many paranormal investigators who have explored this hospital say they can feel the presence of those who have died there.  

Visitors and investigators have reported accounts of seeing full-body apparitions in the photographs they've taken in the alcoholics' ward of the hospital. They've also reportedly heard conversations and even screams down the hallways. 

The Sanatorium is currently closed, but the facility normally hosts guided tours throughout the year. If there are people out there brave enough to endure the haunts, this might be something to look into when the shelter-in-place is lifted.

During the Halloween season, this haunted spot actually turns into a haunted house where visitors can test their bravery.

The dark hallways, deteriorating walls and sporadic wheelchairs and gurneys might send chills up some visitor's spines but will make for a great haunted adventure. 

St. Albans Sanatorium

Price: TBD

Address: 6248 University Park Dr., Radford, VA

Why You Need To Go: This old mental hospital and boys home is said to be the most haunted spot on all the east coast.