This Haunted Alabama Fort Transforms Into A Terrifying Escape Room

Ghosts of the war still haunt its halls!
Haunted Fort Morgan In Alabama Doubles As The Creepiest Escape Room

Everyone loves a good ghost story, whether you’re a real thrill-seeker and like binging all the crazy horror movies on Netflix, or you’re more the cozy fireside tale type. But what if you were trapped inside a real-life ghost story and had to use your wits and skill to find your way out? Fort Morgan in Alabama, considered one of the oldest and most haunted spots in the state, turns into a terrifying escape room for only the bravest among us. Who knows what you’ll encounter in its worn and bloodied halls?

The story of this daring escape room is like no other because it’s not just a fun tale for you and your friends to solve — it’s a reenactment of a real battle that took place at the fort.

The Battle of Mobile Bay brings you back to the summer of 1864, one of the most decisive battles of the war.

You and your group will play Federal spies captured by Confederate soldiers, and you’ll have to help union forces, organize a plan of attack, solving puzzles in an attempt to escape with your lives.

The story really comes to life in the setting of the historic fort, where you can easily imagine just such a scenario playing out with real people years and years ago.

Who knows, maybe your jaunt around the halls will awaken some of the slumbering spirits trapped within its walls!

Local legends tell of many a bloody battle taking place at the fort during the War of 1812 and World War II. Historian Dylan Tucker told WKRG stories of soldiers, prisoners, and 3,500 Muscogee Indians who were held at the fort.

Nearly 100 of them never left, and the location of their unmarked graves is still a mystery.

Tucker also reported that guests have been tapped, seen shadows, and heard footsteps, particularly at night.

If you’re more intrigued than scared off, you can book your escape room experience in the months of March, April, May, September, and October on Wednesdays for 10 a.m. or 2 p.m.

The experience costs $25 and takes roughly 45 minutes to complete, and you'll learn about the fort's history along your way. The ghost stories may even become paranormal encounters that give your ghastly experience a real-life touch.

Fort Morgan Escape Room

Price: $25

Address: 110 AL-180, Gulf Shores AL

Why You Need To Go: An escape room experience inside a haunted old historic fort? Thrill-seekers inquire within for this uniquely haunting experience.

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