6 Spooky Spots In The Southern US That You Won't Want To Visit Alone

These spots aren't for the faint of heart.
Haunted Places In The Southern US For Total Thrill Seekers To Explore

It takes a particular kind of person to purposefully seek out the creepy, haunted, and downright scary places. If you’re exactly that type, then this is the list for you! You can feed your need for screams at all of these spooky and allegedly haunted places in the southern US across Florida, Alabama, and Mississippi. From rusting graveyards to landmarks and actual jails, these places will give you a real adrenaline rush.

These eerie locations are like ghosts of history, echoing days of the past. And while some of them are certified haunted by ghost hunters and paranormal experts, others only have local folklore to go off.

Whether you’re planning your next adventure or just looking for some early Halloween inspo, this list is sure to get your blood pumping. Seriously, are you sure you wanna do this?

Grab a friend and get ready check out these six spooky southern spots — unless you're brave enough to go it alone.

Old St. John's County Jail

Address: 167 San Marco Ave, St. Augustine, FL

Why You Need To Go: St. Augustine’s first and oldest jail is yours to wander day or night. During the daytime tour, you can even be booked as an inmate. During the nighttime tours, who knows, you may even run into some of the old residents of the jail.

Dunlawton Sugar Mill Gardens

Address: 950 Old Sugar Mill Rd, Port Orange, FL

Why You Need To Go: The remnants of this 1930s amusement park in Florida have to be seen to believed. Free to wander, you explore the old sugar mill still on the property, and see how many of the old cement dinosaurs from the park you can find. The eerie emptiness will make you wonder what the park was like in its prime.

Fort Massachusetts On Ship Island

Address: 862H626H+W4 Ship Island, MS

Why You Need To Go: While Ship Island off Mississippi’s Gulf Coast may feel like a tropical getaway, it’s also home to an old historic fort that witnessed countless deaths, battles, and still stands today for the curious explorer to check out.

Nitta Yuma

Address: U.S. Route 61, Nitta Yuma, MS

Why You Need To Go: This tiny historic town in Mississippi is infamous for its vast and arguably terrifying collection of dolls. As local legend tells it, the town totals only about 20 residents today, and over 3,000 dolls. Talk about total nightmare fuel!

Fort Morgan

Address: 110 AL-180, Gulf Shores AL

Why You Need To Go: This historic fort was the place of many battles throughout the War of 1812 and World War II, so it’s no surprise that guests that have reported being touched, hearing footsteps, and seeing shadows within its haunting halls. Probably one of the coolest parts? It also has a terrifying escape roomthat immerses you in a story of the fort's history.

Sloss Furnaces National Historic Landmark

Address: 20 32nd St., N. Birmingham, AL

Why You Need To Go: This icon of Birmingham’s industrial history still stands today as a maze of rusting pipes, furnaces, and tunnels. Several paranormal investigators have explored the place reporting hearing screams and seeing shadows. What will you find on your exploration?

Happy hauntings!

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