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Health Canada Is Making It Easier To Prescribe Heroin And Here's Why

The government is making it easier to prescribe heroin and methadone in Canada and this is why. The federal government is easing the restrictions placed on prescription heroin in order to address the current opioid crisis. 

Addiction to opioids is a serious issue in Canada. Access to treatment centres for opioid addiction is really difficult, so the government is stepping in to make the restrictions a bit easier on those affected.

Right now, there are a lot of drug laws standing in the way of doctors prescribing heroin and methadone to patients, so these new changes will help ease the prescription process.

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These new laws will help patients access prescribed heroin outside of a hospital setting, like in an addiction clinic. Although this may sound scary at first, it will actually make it easier for patients balance their treatments with their daily life. 

Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor said that "removing barriers to treatment is crucial to combat what her department describes as a national public health crisis that continues to devastate families and communities."

Last month's federal budget earmarked $231 million dollars to improve access to treatment, address stigma and gather data on the opioid crisis.

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From the $231 million, $150 will go to provinces and territories to improve access to treatment, $32 million will help border security intercept fentanyl and other illegal substances and $18 million will go to improving research and access to public health data and analysis.

Petitpas Taylor went on to say, "Stigma is a huge barrier for people getting the treatment they need. And It's not acceptable." 

Source: CTV News