Hundreds of thousands of toys are being recalled at Dollarama due to findings that they contain high levels of six harmful substances.

The “Skip Ball” toy, which consists of a ball tethered to an ankle hoop, was found to have higher levels of phthalates than are allowed. As many as 516,125 of the toys are being removed from Dollarama stores across Canada as they pose a safety risk for children.

So far, no reports have been sent to Health Canada regarding health issues linked to the toys, however the agency is still worried about possible exposures to DEHP, DINP, DBP, BBP, DNOP and DIDP phthalates which were restricted for manufacture back in December 2010.

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Health Canada says the regulations “help ensure that children’s toys and child care articles imported, sold or advertised in Canada do not present a risk of phthalate exposure to young children.”

Phthalates are harmful to children as they can affect proper growth and development. They can cause reproductive and developmental abnormalities if they are chewed for long periods.

If you are in possession of one of these toys, Health Canada advises that you throw them away immediately or return them to the store where they were purchased. Consumers are reminded that selling or giving away the toys is not allowed under Health Canada regulations.

Source: Global News