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Health Canada Issues Warning About "Natural Immune Support" Supplement Sold By An Ontario Company

Health Canada issues advisory about Panasilver, a "natural immune supporter" for adults and children.
Health Canada Issues Warning About "Natural Immune Support" Supplement Sold By An Ontario Company

Health Canada is warning the public about the health risks associated with a "natural immune support" on the market. The product, called Panasilver, is unauthorized for sale and may pose serious health risks to adults and children. Health Canada published the advisory about Panasilver on January 24th, urging Canadians to avoid the product and stop consuming it immediately.

Panasilver is made by a company called Activation Products Canada Inc., based in Cobourg, Ontario. Until recently, Panasilver has been available for purchase online and possibly at some retail stores. Panasilver is a "silver liquid solution" sold in a 16 oz. translucent blue bottle.  It's described as "a natural immune supporter, and works as an effective broad spectrum antimicrobial to tackle everyday illnesses."

The description of the product also calls it a topical skin protection solution that "specifically targets bad bacteria living on your skin and destroys them. Applying just a few drops to a minor cut, a burn, a pimple or even a wart will help your skin recover faster," the description reads.

According to Health Canada, using the product can cause a condition called generalized argyria, the "permanent bluish-gray discolouration of the skin, eyes and nails". Pregnant women, breastfeeding women and children are the most at risk. 

Here's a photo of the product, which was previously for sale on Amazon Canada:

Via Activation Products | Amazon Canada

"Colloidal silver can cross the placenta and could lead to problems with a developing fetus. Despite a lower dosage indicated for children, children are more susceptible than adults to serious health risks," reads the advisory.

Activation Products Canada Inc. has also been flagged by Health Canada for operating without a license from the Department of Health. "This is a serious safety concern," the advisory says. Health Canada has siezed all equipment and product from the Activation Product Canada Inc. facility. The company has halted all sales and is now recalling the Panasilver product.

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Health Canada informs consumers to always read labels to verify that the product is authorized for sale. As an extra precaution, Canadians can search the item on Health Canada's Licensed Natural Health Products Database.

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To read Health Canada's complete advisory about Panasilver, click here.