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10 Best And Worst Foods For Your Digestion

Your gut health is the most important.

Ever been so uncomfortable after a meal that you feel like your stomach will explode? Ever felt so bloated that you need to change into looser pants? It's really not uncommon, but it's also not normal if it happens to you all the time. 

Since food hardly comes in its natural form anymore, it's hard for your stomach to digest it. That means we react to certain foods, while others may not experience any symptoms. Nobody will have the exact same symptoms as others, so it's important to keep track of why you get bloated and when. 

The digestive system really is so important. When your gut health is off, you feel off. Ever noticed brain fog, anxiety for no reason or even just stomach pains after eating certain foods? Instead of masking that with pills such as laxatives and digestive enzymes, it's time to figure out why your body is fighting against these foods. 

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