Every once a month, this is what happens: I become a useless bag of potatoes. I don't want to do anything, I don't want to go out, I am a completely incapable human blob. 

My period is literally a beast seeking for revenge every single month. I probably have the worst PMS symptoms out of everyone I know. From extreme cramping, muscles pains, and headaches, to intense cravings, mood swings, and my boobs hurting like crazy.

BUT we're out to change that.

No woman wants to let their period stop them from doing their everyday tasks and being a girl boss. There are probably tons of articles on the internet about how you can beat your period, but here are some period hacks that we've found to be the most practical and most useful.

If you want a smooth visit from your Aunt Flow, here are some period hacks that you have to try!

1. Two words: MENSTRUAL CUP

You probably have your personal reservation on the menstrual cup, but the truth is, any woman who has ever used the menstrual cup loves it! It may be awkward at first and it may take a couple of tries to get it in and out. But you will NOT regret making the switch. It's a one-time purchase thing so imagine all the money that you'll be saving from not buying all those pads and tampons.

2. Have sex to ease your cramps, it's science.

If you're anything like the most of us, you probably experience the worst cramps ever. If not, #bless. But if you do, have lots of sex! Before an orgasm, your uterus relaxes and at the point of climax, blood flow increases which help relieve cramps. The endorphins that are released also double as a natural pain relief. If you're afraid of the mess, have sex in the shower! If your partner isn't around, masturbation works too!

3. Light up some lavender scented candles.

If you didn't know, the smell of lavendar can actually help de-stress and relax the body. So light up some lavender scented candles around your room or even invest in some lavender aroma therapy and forget all about your cramping pains.

4. Download a phone app that tracks your cycle.

Phone apps that track your period are literally a game-changer. Logging your period, your cravings, your mood, and other period symptoms you might have can really help you deal with your period better. Apps typically also send you a notification to remind you that your Aunt Flow is coming for a visit, so can always be prepared. I personally use the Flo app, but there are tons of others also available.

5. Take Evening Primrose Oil and say goodbye to cramps and hormonal acne.

Evening Primrose Oil is where it's at, girl. It naturally treats PMS symptoms and helps with acne and skin issues. It does take about 1-2 months of daily use before you begin to see the health benefits, but I swear it's worth it. I haven't had ANY cramps since I started taking these.

6. Don't throw out your old undies.

This might be obvious, but seriously ladies, don't throw out your old, ugly granny panties. Keep a few "ugly" undies for that time of the month so that when leaks happen, you won't be completely devastated about ruining your lacey, expensive AF Victoria's Secret panties.

7. Try period panties.

Don't run away - it's actually a lot less gross than it sounds! Period panties can absorb up to two tampons worth of menstrual blood and apparently look and feel just like regular panties...except better...because they absorb your period.

8. Another 2 words: Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is legit a life saver. In the event that you haven't tracked your cycle and stain your underwear, pour some hydrogen peroxide on the stained area, throw it into the washer, and the stain will come right out. It's cheap and works way better than any old store-bought stain remover.

9. Do yoga.

Nobody really wants to be running and jumping around while they're on their period. So to stay active, try yoga instead. Vinyasa Flow Yoga is especially gentle on the body and will also help with PMS symptoms and reduce cramping.


10. Make a DIY period emergency pack.

Grab a small little pouch and throw in a few panty-liners, tampons, cleansing wipes and an extra pair of undies. Then throw this little emergency pouch in your daily-use bag or your car's glove compartment so you're always prepared.

11. Reschedule your period.

Going on vacation and you know your periods about to ruin it? You can actually delay your period by scheduling your real birth control pills with your vacation and taking the placebos when you get back. But of course, you should probably talk to your doctor about this stuff first too.

12. Don't drink or eat cold things one week before your period.

That's right ladies, step away from ice cream. Although ice cream may sound like a good idea while you're in excruciating cramping pain, cold foods and drinks can actually cause your stomach muscles to cramp and worsen menstrual pains. Instead, drink some tea or hot cocoa if necessary.

13. Use Sleepy Lotion to sleep away the pain.

The worst part about having your period is cramps. The worst part about having cramps is tossing and turning all night because you literally feel like you're constantly being kicked in the gut. The cure? Lush's magical Sleepy Body Lotion that everyone's been raving about. If it cures insomnia it should work for us too right?

14. Put in your tampon while you're in the shower.

On the days when your flow is extra heavy, it's so annoying when you've just taken a shower and as you're drying yourself off, you drip all over the bathroom floor. Keep a tampon in arms-reach distance so you can easily pop that bad boy in as soon as you've turned off the faucet but whilst still in the shower. Problem solved.

15. Double-line your panties.

If you're a pad user and you're not particularly good with at being discreet with carrying your pads to the bathroom, you can double-line your panties with pads. Just line your underwear with a pad like you usually would, and simply line it again with another. So when your top layer is all soaked up with the good stuff, just peel it off and you'll be ready to go again.

16. Try switching to pads if you have a really long period.

As much as I'm a tampon-enthusiast, but sometimes you just gotta go back to basics. Tampons can clog up your flow and actually extend the duration of your period. If you want your period to be done and over with, try switching to pads once in a while.

17. Wear nipple pasties and a wireless bra.

If you have super tender nipples and sore breasts when your period comes around, try wearing nipple pasties to avoid your nipples from chaffing on your bra, as well as a wireless bra to help remove pressure from your breasts. If you like, you can even simply go braless. As you know, Kylie Jenner has made it a thing.


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