Now that it's officially the New Year, it's time to get going on all of those resolutions that you made at the end of 2017. Though a lot of people decide to pass on the whole resolution thing, making goals to accomplish for the year is still a great way to get yourself in gear to make some positive changes in your life.

I think one of the things that almost everyone has in common is that we all promise ourselves each year that we'll start working out more. But working out, getting fit and eating right isn't going to provide instant results. It takes time and a lot of hard work to get to the place you want to be.

I know I'm not alone when I say that I've failed at reaching my fitness goals more than a few times now. But the trick is to never give up. It sounds cheesy, but it's true! Find a workout class, a gym or a program that you really enjoy and commit to it.

If you need some extra motivation to start reaching your fitness goals this year, these Canadian ladies will do just that! They've all succeeded on making their fitness goals come true and seeing their hard work and perseverance will definitely help push you in the right direction.

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Josée Gallant // @josee_gallant

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Josee is based in Moncton, New Brunswick and is already a super successful weight lifter. She's competed in numerous competitions and come out on top! She's not shy about how much she loves donuts either, which goes to show you don't always need to eat perfectly to get the body you want.

Emilie Boudreau // @emilie.boudreau623

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Emilie is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia and has been big into fitness for a long time now. She's a powerlifter and what she does is super impressive! Take some tips from her and get out there and build the body that you want.

Rebecca Josephine // @barbellsandblowouts

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Rebecca is a super successful athlete here in Canada. She competes in bikini competitions and always kills it! She also works at a hair salon, hence the cute Instagram handle.

Chantal Melham // @chantallmelhem

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Chantal is a workout enthusiast based in Prince Edward Island and she's clearly killing it! She posted these photos that are just 5 months apart to show that she really has been putting in the work and it's starting to pay off.

Jess Eldridge // @thejeldridge

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Jess is located in St. John's, Newfoundland and she's accomplished something so amazing! She's lost a total of 70 lbs on her fitness journey so far and hasn't only gained strength but also confidence and the knowledge that she can do whatever she sets her mind to!

Steph Fowler // @stemayy

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Steph recently started crossfit and powerlifting in St. John's, Newfoundland and she's found her true fitness passion. Everyday she pushes herself to work harder and because she knows it will pay off in her life.

Dominique Comeau // @dacomeau

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Dominique is located in Prince Edward Island and is getting closer to reaching her fitness goals everyday. She competes in bikini competitions and is constantly pushing herself at the gym.

Alexa Cress // @themindfulmaritimer

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This workout enthusiast is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia and is super committed to reaching her fitness goals. Her Instagram is a balance of fitness, nutrition and lifestyle photos to inspire others to also work hard to achieve their goals.

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Katerina Staub // @katiestaub

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Katerina is a fitness enthusiast from Winnipeg, Manitoba and the work she puts in at the gym clearly shows! She knows that her hard work at the gym are leading to great things so she never gives up on it.

Jenna Chlosser // @jennaschlosser

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Jenna is pretty far into her fitness journey and she's accomplished so much greatness already! She's big into crossfit which teaches you how to work hard to get where you want to be.

Amanda Ruller // @amandaruller

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Amanda is an Olympic lifter for Team Canada which shows just how successful she is in fitness! She's also a personal trainer and plays football.

Alyssa Saunders // @alyssa.saunders

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Alyssa is super successful in her fitness career, specifically crossfit. She's competed in crossfit competitions and is already a crossfit coach! She's based in Regina, Saskatchewan where she works out at their best crossfit gym.

Alecia Nicole // @a5perry

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Alecia is also a big into crossfit exercise because she knows that lifting leads to a healthier and stronger you. She's always pushing herself to lift heavier in competitions and in the gym for her training sessions.

Joanie // @joanie537

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Joanie is a serious badass both in the gym and in life. She fights for our country in the Canadian Armed Forces, she works out at a crossfit gym and she's a mother! She never gives up on working out though, even when her life gets busy.

Miss Chi // @miss_chi_fitness

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This fitness enthusiast is based in Manitoba and is seriously inspiring to those looking to get into fitness. She's a dietician, accountability coach, and a private trainer, always looking to help others succeed.

Sara Morrison // @sarachris13

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Sara is a seriously committed crossfit athlete and competes in competitions for Canada! She constantly pushes herself to work hard in the gym and reach her goals every day.

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Raeanne Kinch // @barrewithrae

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Raeanne is killing it in the fitness world and in life. She runs barre, spinning and pilates classes in Calgary. She's also a wife and a mom in everyday life. Follow her Instagram for some serious fitness inspiration.

Shantelle Jonassen // @shantellefitnesss

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Shantelle is clearly killing her fitness goals right now and she offers some real inspiration for those wanting to start on their fitness journeys. She focuses on strength training in the gym and always pushes herself and work harder each day.

Joanna Magik // @joannamagik

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Joanna is a big inspiration in both the fitness and the music industries. She co-founded her own boxing studio and she's a dj and mc for events around the country!

Karleen Valencia // @karleensamson

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Kathleen is a super creative individual that has her own blog with posts about her life and some of the things that are most important to her. She is also a lover of the fitness world and is constantly active in her everyday life.

Taylor Slack // @taylorslack

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Taylor is hugely successful in the fitness industry. Not only has she successfully created the body she wants and is continuing to do so everyday, but she also helps others do the same. She is an online personal trainer with an 8 week workout challenge to get you into the shape you've always wanted to be in!

Sandy Vanna // @sandyvannafitness

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Sandy is clearly dedicated to reaching her fitness goals but she's also dedicated to helping others do the same. She's a personal trainer in Calgary as well as a fitness model!

Amanda Ancheta // @_amanda.lyn

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Amanda is killing the fitness game in Edmonton, Alberta. She competes and wins bikini competitions across Canada! She always pushes herself to complete and crush each workout.

Steph Davidson // @_steph_davidson

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Steph is a fitness enthusiast who doesn't participate in competitions but is a big inspiration to those just starting out on the fitness journeys. She's also big into travel if you decide to check out her Instagram.

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Lauren Sesselmann // @lsesselmann

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Lauren is another Olympic athlete on this list. She won a bronze medal, a gold medal at the Pan Am games and at the World Cup. She also has a blog on fitness where she posts tons of workout tips!

Phaedra // @phaedrafitness

@phaedrafitnessembedded via

Phaedra has an Instagram account that will give you serious legs and booty inspiration! She's a personal trainer that actually specializes in growing your booty in the workouts and exercises she recommends.

Kristy Jacobs // @kristymariejacobs

@kristymariejacobsembedded via

Kristy is killing it in the fitness world. She's a participates in bikini competitions which means she's constantly working to make her body stronger and better every day!

Stephanie Jamieson // @stephiemjamieson

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Another successful weight lifter, Stephanie competes in bikini competitions! She's also a dancer and a choreographer which takes a lot of strength and training as well.

Pallavi // @bypallavi

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Pallavi will not only give you fitness goals if you follow her Instagram, but also serious travel wanderlust and fashion inspiration! She has a blog all about her life and her travels that is seriously inspirational.

Jana // @janarhn

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Jana is a personal trainer, nutritionist and she's into boxing and spinning. She really focuses on succeeding her fitness goals as well as eating right in her everyday life.

Sydney Murdoch // @syydm_

@syydm_embedded via

Sydney has been super successful in her fitness so far, and is clearly an inspiration for anyone just starting out on theirs. She competes in bikini competitions and pushes herself to work hard in the gym every day.

Natalie Moore // @natalieamoorefit

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Natalie is a hard working athlete that always gives it her all at the gym. She knows what it takes to get the body and the physique that she wants and she doesn't hesitate to put in the work.

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Jennifer Rochon // @jenniferrochon_jro

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Jennifer should be incredibly proud of her fitness journey so far. She's a fitness TV personality appearing on Global News and other networks. She's incredibly strong and worked hard to get to where she is today.

Leonie // @leoniecot

@leoniecotembedded via

Leonie is serious about crossfit and works out and her favourite crossfit gym in Quebec City. She's also big on travel and adventures in life so if you check out her Instragram you'll get a little bit of fitness inspiration as well as travel goals.

Eliane // @elianefp

@elianefpembedded via

Eliane has overcome a lot to reach her fitness goals over the years, but here she is today, absolutely killing it! She works out at MissFit, one of Montreal's coolest all-women gyms!

Iris Aslanian // @irisaslanian

@irisaslanianembedded via

Iris' Instagram account focuses much more on her life and her travels than on fitness, but it's clear she puts a lot of hard work in at the gym.

Taina //

@taina.fitembedded via

Taina has been on a long fitness journey to get to the place she's in today. She focused, not on losing weight, but becoming happy and comfortable in her own skin. She now weight lifts consistently and dedicates her Instagram to body positivity and sharing her goals with everyone.

Dana Poleakov // @dana.poleakov

@dana.poleakovembedded via

Dana is serious in her fitness goals and makes fitness a lifestyle. She's a personal trainer at Blackout Fitness and helps others reach their goals as well. She's always trying to maintain a healthy diet along the way as well.

Daniela Suarez // @daniela.suarez_

@daniela.suarez_embedded via

Daniela knows the importance of staying active and eating healthy on a daily basis. She works hard to maintain her physique but she knows it's not just about appearance, it also makes her feel stronger and happier.

Dana // @dana_afanass

@dana_afanassembedded via

Dana is based in Montreal is true fitness inspiration for anyone starting their journey. She posts pictures of her gym life, workout videos on her story and just everyday lifestyle pictures as well!

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Allegra Shaw // @allegrashaw

@allegrashawembedded via

Allegra is a super successful YouTuber based in Toronto. She owns her own fashion company, Uncle Studios, and always focuses on finding success and happiness in her life. She posts a lot of workout, fitness and nutrition related videos on her YouTube channel as well as her Instagram page.

Alix Voz // @alixv77

@alixv77embedded via

Alix is seriously killer athlete and you can see that in her workout photos. She participates in bikini competitions and is always working everyday become better and stronger than the last.

Paula Ryff // @paularyff

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Paula is the co-owner of Ultimate Athletics gym in Toronto and she is serious leg and fitness goals. She's a personal trainer and teaches pilates at the gym as well as being a professional ballet dancer.

Emma Troupe // @missemmatroupe

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Emma is a personal trainer and nutritional coach based in Toronto. She has her own website with access to her own fitness programs and meal plans as well as a YouTube channel where she posts workout videos and nutritional videos!

Hannah Bronfman // @hannahbronfman

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Hannah is a workout enthusiast based in Toronto. She's a global Adidas ambassador and a DJ! She posts tons of great photos about her workouts and her life giving her followers the motivation they need to start hitting the gym, hard.

Eva Redpath // @evaredpath

@evaredpathembedded via

Eva Redpath is another fitness inspiration who's sponsored by a major athletic wear company- Nike! She hosts popular fitness and wellness retreats as well as being a life mentor. Her goals are to help other people reach their goals, which is super admirable.

Mackenzie White // @themacwhite

@themacwhiteembedded via

Mackenzie is a certified yoga instructor and a personal trainer. She also is a successful model and is the perfect Instagram to follow for travel and fitness inspiration!

Anya Ells // @anyaells

@anyaellsembedded via

Anya is a super successful fitness guru based in Toronto. She offers online personal training through workout programs and videos that will help everyone reach their fitness goals the way she did.

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