40 Canadian Girls On Instagram You Should Follow Who Have Insane "Leg Goals"
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Girls In "The Maritimes"

Josée Gallant // @josee_gallant

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Josee is based in Moncton, New Brunswick and is already a super successful weight lifter. She's competed in numerous competitions and come out on top! She's not shy about how much she loves donuts either, which goes to show you don't always need to eat perfectly to get the body you want.

Emilie Boudreau // @emilie.boudreau623

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Emilie is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia and has been big into fitness for a long time now. She's a powerlifter and what she does is super impressive! Take some tips from her and get out there and build the body that you want.

Rebecca Josephine // @barbellsandblowouts

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Rebecca is a super successful athlete here in Canada. She competes in bikini competitions and always kills it! She also works at a hair salon, hence the cute Instagram handle.

Chantal Melham // @chantallmelhem

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Chantal is a workout enthusiast based in Prince Edward Island and she's clearly killing it! She posted these photos that are just 5 months apart to show that she really has been putting in the work and it's starting to pay off.

Jess Eldridge // @thejeldridge

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Jess is located in St. John's, Newfoundland and she's accomplished something so amazing! She's lost a total of 70 lbs on her fitness journey so far and hasn't only gained strength but also confidence and the knowledge that she can do whatever she sets her mind to!

Steph Fowler // @stemayy

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Steph recently started crossfit and powerlifting in St. John's, Newfoundland and she's found her true fitness passion. Everyday she pushes herself to work harder and because she knows it will pay off in her life.

Dominique Comeau // @dacomeau

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Dominique is located in Prince Edward Island and is getting closer to reaching her fitness goals everyday. She competes in bikini competitions and is constantly pushing herself at the gym.

Alexa Cress // @themindfulmaritimer

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This workout enthusiast is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia and is super committed to reaching her fitness goals. Her Instagram is a balance of fitness, nutrition and lifestyle photos to inspire others to also work hard to achieve their goals.

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