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6 Scary Ways You Could Get Pregnant On Birth Control Even If You're Being Safe

Let's talk about sex, baby.

Once upon a time, you may have thought that sex was one of the best things in the world. And then, someone - be it you or your partner - suggested you had sex without a condom. And wow, did the game change. Hopefully you were on some sort of birth control or used some sort of protection more sophisticated than the classic teenage 'pull-out' - like spermicide, the morning after pill, or classic birth control.

While unprotected sex is not something we recommend by any means as it stirs up a lot of potential dangers like STIs and STDs, many people choose to forgo condoms when having sexual encounters. While STIs and STDs are not to be shied away from (you should 100% get tested before and after having sex with any new partners) pregnancy was, is and will always be a major concern for anyone who's sexually active and not ready to pop out some little ones. 

Oral birth control can be a great tool to minimize the risk of pregnancy. It can make your skin clearer, lighten your periods and solve a bunch of other health problems. But most importantly, it reduces the risk of pregnancy. At-least 99% of the time - and that's not a perfect statistic. Planned Parenthood reports that if you take your pill everyday at the same time, 1% of oral contraceptive users will become pregnant. Even still, people aren't perfect. That means some days you forget to take your pill on time, lose it or the whole pack in general. Contraceptive is 91% effective for non-perfect pill users. 

But don't fret! The odds are slim. And while there are things that interfere can alter the effectiveness of your birth control, soon you'll know exactly what they are and exactly how to become a better birth control user. 

To see the different ways you could get pregnant & what to do about them, click next! 

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