We all know that Chipotle is the holy grail of Mexican fast food. Whether you believe it or not, nothing else compares to a huge burrito, the burrito bowls or even just the guac that they always tell you is extra. We know.

You can't deny that Chipotle is delicious. While it may be healthy with certain options, the calories can totally add up and end up being your total calories for the day! Of course, every once and a while this is totally fine but just because avocados are healthy fats and good for you doesn't mean the guacamole is harmless.

The good thing about Chipotle is that most of their items are exactly what they say and they have all the ingredients in their meat listed online. If you want a healthy option, Chipotle can definitely be that. However, just like every other fast food restaurant, you have to be careful of what is really in the food, and make some minor changes that will still make each option super yummy and healthy!




Burrito Bowls

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Steak and Veggie Tacos

Who doesn't love tacos? Crazy people. The tacos at Chipotle are unreal, but the calories can add up fast. Skip the cheese, the guac (sorry), and beans for this one and just go with steak, veggies, salsa and lettuce. Still so flavourful and delicious!

Calories: 395 for 3 tacos

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Sofritas Tacos

If you don't eat meat or are trying to cut down on meat, this is a great option! Sofritas is made of tofu, and pairs so well with the soft corn tortillas. Although this will be higher in calories, it still has a ton of nutrients and will keep you so full for so long. Of course, skip the cheese, the guac and just opt for either the corn salsa, veggies and lettuce.

Calories: 450 for 3 tacos

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Kids Chicken Taco Meal

The best thing about the kids taco meal is that you can make it your own! The portions are smaller, and you only get two tacos this time. However you can choose a meat, rice, beans, or veggies. I would go with rice, meat and veggies to make sure you're getting the best nutrients out of it.

Calories: 335 for two tacos

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Chicken Burrito

Burrito calories can really add up. I would stick to a burrito without rice, since the tortilla alone is 320 calories and that's enough carbs for a meal. Make your other carbs come froms the veggies, so the protein to carb ratio is somewhat equal. Add some salsa to it to give it a kick!

Calories: 545

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Sofritas Burrito

Since this is a vegan burrito, you'll need some extra protein! The sofritas only has 8 grams of protein, so adding beans to it will up the protein but also the calories. But honestly, it's so worth it! Add some salsa onto it as well as veggies and you definitely have yourself a meal or two!

Calories: 645

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Steak Burrito

Steak is a great option at Chipotle since it has so much protein (21 grams). Combined with the tortilla, veggies, and any salsa of your choice, this is a great option that will definitely keep you full. Of course, burritos aren't the healthiest option at Chipotle but treat yourself!

Calories: 505

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Chicken Salad Bowl

Salad bowls at Chipotle can be super high calorie if you opt for their vinaigrette dressing, which has 220 calories per serving. That's insane! Go for the salsa as part of your dressing, and it tastes just as delicious. This salad is super healthy since it only has chicken, lettuce, salsa, and beans. You can go without the beans which will lessen the calories as well.

Calories: 355

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Sofritas Salad Bowl

As mentioned before, the sofritas "meat" does not have a lot of protein, so adding in beans will definitely help to fill you up! Along with the lettuce, salsa of your choice and whatever else you choose to put on it, this will definitely be a filling meal.

Calories: 355

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Steak Salad Bowl

Since the steak has so much protein, you definitely don't need the beans. If you're looking for a more filling option or something to give you energy, a little bit of brown rice won't hurt. Just keep the rest of the options clean and this will be a great dinner.

Calories: 405

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Sofritas Burrito Bowl

How good does that picture look?! While I wouldn't add the guacamole, the rest looks amazing. But is it even a burrito bowl if you didn't get rice? Opt for the brown rice, and get salsa instead of guacamole. This will equal out to a good amount of calories for one meal.

Calories: 410

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Chicken Burrito Bowl

You can make the chicken burrito bowl so tasty without doing much to it. Add brown rice, salsa, and lettuce and you have a delicious bowl that will keep you full for so long. And a little cheese on this one wouldn't hurt, but JUST a sprinkle.

Calories: 420

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Steak Burrito Bowl

Last but not least, the delicious steak burrito bowl. This is a great option that has complex carbs and so much protein. Don't add cheese to this one, but get salsa, veggies and brown rice as well as steak. This is such a good dinner and will keep you full and you'll definitely have seconds.

Calories: 405

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