These Are The 15 Healthiest Foods You Can Order At Subway

Say bye to the cookies.

We can all say that Subway is the 'healthiest' fast food restaurant. Is it really a fast food restaurant if it doesn't have a drive-thru though? Asking for a friend. Anyways, with options like subs, wraps, paninis, salads, and more, you can find a ton of healthy options at Subway. However, you can also find a ton of unhealthy options at Subway just by doing a few things wrong!

Just like with anything, moderation is key. If you're eating out every single day, you'll notice a difference. However, Subway is one of those restaurants that can be healthy for every meal although you probably shouldn't. They do have some healthier bread options, and even a gluten-free bun that I've tried (which was like eating a sponge, but it wasn't awful). 

If you're on your fitness journey, just wanting to clean up your diet or are a Subway fanatic, all of these options will help you out! Like I said before, Subway is definitely the healthiest option if you're in a rush or just need something quick, but it's only healthy if you're getting the right options. A ton of mayo or cheese can really ruin the sandwich, even though both taste so good. 

You don't have to cut out your favourite foods to be healthy! Just make healthier options, and ditch a few of the unnecessary ingredients. Here are the 15 healthiest items you can order at Subway. 





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