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It Was Nice While It Lasted, Extreme Heat Is Set To Return To Ontario This Weekend

Turn your air conditioners back on- the heat is back!

For many people across the province of Ontario, the past week has provided a much-needed escape from the overwhelming heat that has been smothering the province since the beginning of the month. While it was lovely for a few days to get a good night's sleep, turn off the air conditioner and have a warm shower again, it sadly has been short-lived. The Government of Canada has released a new set of weather warnings, and it looks like the heat is back with a vengeance. 

Updated on Friday afternoon, the Government of Canada heat warning encompasses many parts of southern Ontario, as well as a number of places in northern Ontario, including Fort Albany and Cochrane. Both Ottawa and Toronto were included in the government heat warnings, and are expected to reach extremely high temperatures over the weekend.

According to the weather warning, hot and humid conditions are expected over this weekend into early next week. In most of Ontario, maximum daytime temperatures are expected to be around 31 degrees, while overnight low temperatures will not provide much sanctuary from the heat as they are unexpected to fall below 20 degrees.

The advisory notes that some relief could come on Sunday, as showers and thunderstorms are possible, but a cooler airmass is expected to arrive on Tuesday to take the pressure off.

Reassuring or not, Ontario is not alone with the government heat warnings, as the Government of Canada has issued heat warnings for several towns and cities in a number of provinces. This includes in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Quebec. Yikes!

This also comes as Montreal is expected to be hit with a weekend-long heatwave, which is being hailed “the worst heatwave of the season.” The heat is expected to last even longer, and reach even higher temperatures than has so far been seen this year.

It seems that Canadians are not the only ones suffering in the extreme heat this month, as across Europe there are reports of cities and even whole countries reaching record-breaking high temperatures. Just this week, Paris saw the highest temperature that the city had ever recorded, as did Germany and the Netherlands.

As temperatures climb worldwide, some people are asking what this means for our planet.

The government warning reminds Canadians to drink plenty of water, even before you feel thirsty and try to stay in cool places. Good luck Canada, and don’t forget your sunscreen!