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Hedley Calls It Quits After Lead Singer Jacob Hoggard Admits Wrongdoing

Late last night, while most were asleep, the band Hedley and lead singer Jacob Hoggard made some pretty shocking announcements. Both took to Twitter to announce an indefinite leave of absence from their music careers after the many allegations that have trickled in on sexual misconduct with minors, rape, and general poor behaviour. 

The band has vehemently denied all of the allegations but have still been dropped by management, blacklisted on some radio stations, had venues cancel their shows, and of course faced massive public scrutiny. 

Lead singer and frontman Jacob Hoggard released a lengthy statement on his personal twitter account, admitting that he would be stepping away indefinitely not because of sexual misconducts or rape, but due to poor behavior that he believed he needed to work on.

March 1, 2018

As a band, Hedley together also released a lengthy statement that let fans know that it wasn't just Jacob leaving the music scene, but all of the members. They confirmed that they would finish the current tour they are on for the sake of the crew and fans but after that, would be stepping back indefinitely.

March 1, 2018

While it comes as a shock to many since the band has been together and touring since 2003. However they have also left things pretty open ended, so there is a potential that they could make a musical comeback in the far distant future.