Hedley Dropped By Management After Allegedly Drugging Underage Concertgoer

Warning: Extremely Disturbing.
Hedley Dropped By Management After Allegedly Drugging Underage Concertgoer
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If you missed #outHedley2k18, it was only last week that the Canadian band was swarmed with accusations of inappropriate conduct by their fans. Hedley formally addressed the situation in a lengthy statement, claiming that their suspected behaviour was all in the past and that it was the typical lifestyle of rockstars.

This was definitely not taken well by fans and now they are in even hotter water. News just broke that the famous Canadian band allegedly drugged and possibly assaulted an underage concertgoer back in 2005 at one of their earlier concerts in London, Ontario.

Rob Bazinet, an employee at the concert venue, still recalls details from Hedley's concert on that night. In an interview with Exclaim, Bazinet claimed that "All day, they were jerks to everybody ... the way they treated women and fans and even the bar staff was horrendous." He even went on to say that the concertgoers that attended their shows were as young as 14!

In the detailed interview, Bazinet goes on to explain that after the show, he went to check on the band members in the green-room apartment above the venue. This is where the sexual assault allegations come into play. "When I got up there, I went to check — and usually I'd check the whole space — but one of the bedrooms had the door shut. And I went to go check it, and the rest of the band got in the way."

Bazinet explains that after Hedley left, the police arrived and found a young woman unconscious with no shoes about a block away from the venue. The hospital ran tests and concluded that she was drugged with rohypnol "date rape".

After allowing the police to search the green-room apartment and the venue, the police found her shoes in the green room upstairs. The underage girl did not give her permission to utilize a rape kit and the investigation stopped. For more in-depth details, you can read the entire interview, here - and trust me, there are a lot of details.

As of this morning, Hedley has been officially dropped by their management team and even one of their opening acts withdrew from their current cross-Canada tour with Hedley. It seems that more fans are coming forward with their allegations against the Canadian band.

Source: Exclaim, CBC News.

Jasmine Girn
Editorial Operations Manager