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Hedley Fans Are Targeting The Tattoo Artist Who Offered To Cover Up Tattoos Related To The Band For Free

While it seemed after Hedley's announcement that they would be going under the radar for a while that the drama surrounding the Canadian band was coming to a close, fans just can't seem to let it go. Unfortunately, the latest target on their crusade to avenge their band's image was a Toronto tattoo artist who owns a shop in the city. 


The artist in question is the target because she was the same person who had offered fans a free tattoo removal service to fans who did not want to support the band when the news first came out. 

PLEASE CONTACT ME if you are in the toronto area and need a Hedley-related Tattoo covered. I will be trying to provide as much free cover up work for any of you who need me. You may DM me here, or call for a consultation at 6473782481. #outhedley2k18#hedley

February 15, 2018

Her idea came from the #MeToo movement and ultimately felt it was the right thing to do saying, "I know that there's tons of kids in the Ontario area that are going to be thinking, how am I supposed to afford this expensive cover-up? I just thought, 'this is exactly what we were saying should be offered.'"

Unfortunately, fans who have chosen to stick with the band don't feel the same way and have chosen to harass her to the point where she has been afraid to post photos of the removal transformations she's done so far. She notes that most of the commentary from angry fans has come from Twitter and a Facebook group called "Hedley Fan Group." 

Via @LZA

Renaud even mentioned that fans themselves who have come in for the removal service haven't given their real names out of fear that they could be subject to the harassment that many have gotten for stepping away from the band. 

EXACTLY AS PREDICTED, as I start the cover-ups of Hedley tattoos, the CultOfHedley finds my business and decides to come and LMFAO on tattoo, and generally be abusive now in my business space. THIS WAS ABOUT HELPING PEOPLE.

March 5, 2018

Regardless of the angry fans determined to stick up for the B.C band, it seems even Hedley understand it's time to take a step back. Hoggard took to Twitter last week to address the allegations, claiming that he has long objectified women and would be taking time to "find himself."

March 1, 2018

Source: Huff Post Canada 

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