Hedley Finally Responds To The JUNOs Cancelling Their Performance

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Hedley Finally Responds To The JUNOs Cancelling Their Performance

Hedley has been at the centre of the Twitter storm that stems from #OutHedley2k18, where fans have been outing the famous Canadian band for their unbelievably bad behaviour. Some stories have even come forward alleging that band members have gone so far as to drug and sexually assault underage fans.

After all of the stories that came out, The JUNO Award nominations also came out. Fans quickly took to Twitter to demand that the organization revoke the nominations the band was given, as well as their scheduled performance. The JUNO Awards responded by confirming that they would not allow Hedley to perform amidst the controversy.

After the initial allegations came from fans on Twitter. Hedley took their time before responding on Facebook with a short paragraph that chalked up their behaviour to typical "rock n roll cliches". Now, Hedley has finally addressed the Junos cancelling their performance. It seems that they finally realized how serious the allegations against them are. 

Hedley has confirmed that they will be withdrawing from consideration from the Junos. In a statement, Hedley admitted that they "have let some people down".  They went on to say that "We want to ensure that everyone understands our collective commitment to change, and to do better, is real. Saying a rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle was to blame — or saying certain things happened because we were younger — isn’t good enough. The band added that they will be saying more in the coming days and how they plan to move forward.

Even though they have decided to formally withdraw from The JUNO Awards, they are still planning to complete their Canadian tour.

Source: National Post

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