Hedley Singer Jacob Hoggard Will Stand Trial In Sexual Assault Case

The news came from the courtroom this afternoon.
Hedley Singer Jacob Hoggard Will Stand Trial In Sexual Assault Case

For over a year now, former and current fans of the band Hedley have been waiting for further information on the ongoing sexual assault investigation involving the band's lead singer, Jacob Hoggard. On Thursday, July 12th, the preliminary hearing began to see if Hoggard would be standing trial, and today we got the verdict. Hedley's Jacob Hoggard is standing trial in ongoing sexual assault case.

It was confirmed just minutes ago that the singer will be headed to trial on two counts of sexual assault, and one count of sexual interference. One of Hoggard's victims was an underage girl, the other, a woman.

There was a publication ban on the preliminary hearing in order to protect the identities of the victims, so people have been left in the dark throughout most of the process, although the impending trial will likely be a lot more public.

One thing that sets this case apart from others of its nature, apart from the fact that it involves a celebrity, is the fact that Hoggard has chosen to plead his case not only in front of a judge but a jury as well. This is quite unusual, especially with the prominence of the #MeToo movement.

Although some people are choosing to stick behind Hoggard and support him through this tough time, there's no denying that he's received a lot of hate over the past year. Not only was his band dropped by management, but the band also chose to take some time apart, which is looking like its become a permanent breakup.

The pre-trial is set for August 26th, 2019, although that's not the start of the actual trial, and it will likely be much longer before we get a final verdict from the jury. 

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