Calling all sauce mixologists! Gone are the days that you’ll need to add a blob of both mayonnaise and sriracha to your snacks. Heinz’s new “Mayoracha” sauce has been spotted in Canadian stores, and it’s already available to buy at Walmart.

One year after Heinz launched their mayo-ketchup hybrid in Canada, it seems the company is back with another mixed-up sauce for Canadian taste buds.

According to the product listing on Walmart Canada's website, Heinz Mayoracha Sauce “combines the delicious taste of sriracha, mayonnaise, and a special blend of spices."

The sauce appears to be pretty similar to Mayochup in colour, and is described as being “limited edition” on the bottle.

At Walmart, the mayo-sriracha mix is sold in 490 millilitres bottles, and retails for $3.47.  

"This saucy flavor mash-up brings the heat and is perfect for pairing with any of your favorite foods like burgers, fries, or hot dogs,” the product's description adds.

It has been spotted several times across Canada, according to social media. One Instagram-user even shared a photo of Mayoracha in a Vancouver store way back in April.

Narcity has reached out to Heinz for more information about this new, saucy blend!

This time last year, Heinz officially announced another sauce hybrid in Canada — Mayochup!

Of course, this is was a blend of Heinz Ketchup and Heinz [Seriously] Good Mayonnaise, served in a convenient, pre-mixed squeeze bottle.

Just like the new Mayoracha, the Mayochup recipe also included a "special blend of spices."

However, there was a little "oops" moment for Heinz, when they realized their Mayochup sauce had a pretty awkward translation in Cree.

To help Canadians with their isolation-boredom, Heinz had another new creation this week!

The U.S.-based company announced that they'd made a new, ketchup-inspired jigsaw puzzle, and every single piece is completely red.

With all 570 pieces being an identical shade of Heinz red, it might just take a lifetime to finish this one.

Heinz Mayoracha Sauce

Price: $3.47 

Why You Need It: Gone are the days when you need a squirt of mayonnaise AND sriracha on your BBQ snacks. This handy hybrid is a blend of your two favourite sauces, and condiment-lovers will be thrilled.