While exercising is great and all, we totally don't judge you if you go the gym solely to boost your booty. Guys go for arms, we go for asses, and that is #ok in my books.

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We are living in the big booty revelation and therefore, I need all the help I can get when it comes to building a better butt. If you are JLo or a famous Armenian Kardashian Queen - you can skip this one. But for all you intrigued as to how to get that money maker...to make you some money? Read onwards. 

1. Ditch the treadmill

A terrible and sad sentence for anyone who likes to get their run on, but it's true! While I'm not telling you to cut out all cardio completely, long cardio sessions without any weight training can burn the fuel needed to build that booty muscle. Weights, however, will help build that booty f a s t.

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2. Spice up your routine

Often coined as "muscle confusion", changing your weight room activity can really help. Personal trainers recommend a mix of low-rep high-weight sets followed by high-rep no weight sets. Make sure to watch your form and only lift as heavy as you can handle, while still challenging yourself. When you exhaust big muscle groups from the heavy lifting, the weightless moves will really help tone and burn some extra calories!

3. Don't forget about the hammys

Ever heard someone say "thighs to match" when talking about a big butt? There's a reason for that. The hamstrings are the muscles at the back of your thighs that literally attach to your butt. By working these guys, you really help to build your booty while shaping those legs. Our suggestion? Deadlifts. Lots of them.

4. Keep your rests short and sweet 

Checking your notifications and scrolling through Insta between sets can take up a lot more time - and results - than you'd think! Your body needs 'muscle overload' when lifting heavy in order to build muscle. When you rest for too long, you're giving your body less time to build that muscle. You shouldn't wait more than 30-60seconds before diving into your next set unless you want to kiss those gains goodbye.

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5. You can lift a lot more than you think

Especially with your legs. While it might be a lot easier to rush through a lot of leg machine moves, you're only playing yourself. When you're on machines that don't cause you to worry about balance or form (like a leg press) pump right through and pump heavy. The right amount of weight should have you struggling by the end of your set of 8.

6. Add weight slowly and steadily

No one's asking you to squat 200lbs your first time in the weight room. We would never ask that. Ever. The key to building muscle and getting fitter is to gradually add weight on to your routine every 2-weeks to a month. You'll be more likely to get stronger in time and avoid injury gf.

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7. Feeeeel the burn

While you should definitely stretch post-workout, sore next-day work-outs really mean that you're building that butt. In order for muscle to build, itty bitty muscle fibers have to tear - which is why your bum is burning. Your body rebuilds these fibers bigger, better and stronger! Get it, girl!