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Here Are 7 Perks Of Visa’s New Travel Benefit & You Might Already Have Scored An Upgrade

Elegant rooms, lounge access, dining discounts and more.

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Here Are 7 Perks Of Visa’s New Travel Benefit & You Might Already Have Scored An Upgrade

This summer, Canadians can actually get out there and travel, and so many folks across the country are already packing their bags. If you're planning your first vacation in a long time, take it a step further by getting all the upgrades and benefits you can.

That's the whole goal of the new Visa RSVP Rewards™ Benefit. You can even get rewarded with perks for a trip you’ve already booked.

RSVP Rewards, the loyalty program by Sandman and Sutton Place Hotels, is made up of four levels with different benefits depending on the amount you spend each year at participating hotel locations.

Thanks to the Visa RSVP Rewards Benefit, eligible cardholders will receive an automatically elevated status, depending on the Visa Card they have, with no minimum spend required. From there, they can earn RSVP Rewards points for every eligible stay at over 60 participating Sandman, Sandman Signature and Sutton Place Hotels across Canada, the U.S. and beyond.2

You have to enroll to reap the rewards, which you can easily do online. Here are just a handful of the perks waiting for you.

Discounts On Dining

Courtesy of The Sandman Hotel Group

Foodies rejoice! Platinum and Diamond RSVP Rewards members get 10% and 15% off respectively on restaurant meals5 when they stay at participating hotels.

You can dine on fresh seafood at the elegant Boulevard Kitchen & Oyster Bar in Vancouver, tuck into a prime rib at Edmonton’s Chop Steakhouse & Baror have a mouthwatering burger at Moxies in Calgary — and that’s just the beginning..

Free Room Upgrades

Courtesy of Sutton Place Hotels

You’ll be able to take your vacation to a whole new level of luxury when you get a free room upgrade3 at participating hotels. That means you could potentially get a larger space — or one with a breathtaking view of the city — at no extra cost.

Yup, there’s one more thing to be excited about.

Early Check-In & Late Check-Out

Courtesy of The Sandman Hotel Group

With the Visa RSVP Rewards Benefit, you may even get to check-in early and check-out late, so make sure to inquire when you book your stay.

Start your vacation early and milk every last second of it. Early check-in times mean no more wandering around the city with your luggage until you can finally settle in. And with a late check-out, you’ll get to sleep in on your last day at the hotel.3

Hotel Lounge Access

Courtesy of The Sandman Hotel Group

According to a recent survey Visa put to their cardholders, lounge access is one of the top perks they look for when travelling. Naturally, with the Visa RSVP Rewards Benefit, Platinum and Diamond members can get lounge access3 during their stay at select locations.

Kick back, relax and live the lush life.

Enjoy Special Members-Only Rates

There’s no getting around it — travelling takes a toll on the old wallet, but Visa RSVP Rewards Benefit members can sleep easy when they take advantage of special room rates.

This summer, members can receive exclusive rates and special offers at Sutton Place Hotels and Sandman Hotels.

Get A Complimentary Breakfast Box

Courtesy of Sutton Place Hotels

At participating Canadian hotels, Visa RSVP Rewards Benefit members enjoy a free breakfast box in the morning4, so you can crawl back into bed and brunch in comfort.

For hotels that don't have breakfast boxes, Platinum and Diamond members will get a dining gift card to use at the participating restaurant.

Score A Free Status Upgrade

Courtesy of The Sandman Hotel Group

Don’t wait to start getting those rewards — if you’re a Visa Cardholder, you may already be eligible for an upgrade.

Visa Infinite cardholders are automatically bumped up to Platinum rewards status, and Visa Infinite Privilege cardholders are upgraded to Diamond (the highest tier) right off the bat.

This summer, make your trip that much sweeter with perks like these. Not only will you get to enjoy the finer things, but you’ll also be able to rack up some points during your stay and use them towards your next getaway.

To take advantage of all that’s on offer, enroll for the Visa RSVP Rewards Benefit and get into vacation mode starting…now.

To learn more about the Visa RSVP Rewards Benefit, visit the website or follow Visa on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

This content is for general informational purposes only and does not constitute financial, investment, legal, tax or accounting advice.

  1. Terms and conditions apply.
  2. Reservations booked directly with Sandman Hotel Group, Sutton Place Hotels, or RSVP Rewards websites are eligible to earn RSVP Rewards points.
  3. Certain tier benefits vary by hotel and are subject to availability.
  4. Breakfast Box is available at select hotel locations. For locations that do not have a Breakfast Box available, Platinum members will receive a $5 on-site dining gift card and Diamond members will receive a $10 on-site dining gift card, valid at participating hotels in Canada only.
  5. On-site dining discount is only valid during your hotel stay and for dine-in at the on-site restaurant(s). Alcoholic beverages are not included.